May 12, 2021

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India sets world record for fifth consecutive day in Govt new cases | National newspaper

India broke the world record for new cases from Kovit on the fifth day: there were more than 350,000 infections in 24 hours.

Breathing has become a luxury in the Indian capital, a New Delhi doctor has said. This report is not strange to those who monitor beds and lack of oxygen in hospitals.

As the cylinders disappear or the pressure of those in high demand decreases, the breathing apparatus stops working and the oxygen supply is sometimes manual.

Relatives are begging for space for the victims. Some hospitals have already asked families to build a cylinder for the patient.

An oxygen factory explained that production was drying up and materials were scarce. The manager says hospitals have avoided intermediaries and are now calling him directly.

The Government of India sends oxygen by train to the place where the cylinders are empty or almost. The cargo will reach 150 thousand tons.

Some still plan to travel hundreds of kilometers behind hospitals. The victim’s son-in-law said he called 911, but no one came. He was Auntie Ambulance.

The World Health Organization, the United Kingdom, the European Union, the United States and other countries have sent emergency medical assistance to India. Some entrepreneurs raised tens of thousands of dollars in donations. This crisis is the result of failures in managing the epidemic, which is exacerbated by the variation of the virus identified in India, which is becoming more contagious.

India has one of the largest immunization programs in the world, but has provided only 140 million doses of anti-Govt vaccines – about one tenth of the population of about 1.4 billion.

The unpreparedness of the government is evident in the cremation as part of the Hindu funeral rites. Cremations are overloaded and some people are forced to do mass cremations in temporary places without traditional ceremonies. No smoke came out of the sky.