October 18, 2021

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India sets world record in Govt cases on 5th day | The world

Five days, five sad posts: The India 352,991 cases have been registered Govit-19 This Monday (26) and Back in the 5th day, it is a sign of the highest number of epidemics in the world.

The country, which is experiencing the worst moment of the epidemic, has also recorded 2,812 new deaths Brazil The country became more infected with the new corona virus in a single day.

It was the 13th day the death toll had risen and the 6th consecutive record in the countryThis is up from 195,000 deaths and 17.3 million confirmed cases, according to Indian government data.

A India An outbreak in the number of infections and a Decline in hospitals, People die in a bed queue and suffer from lack of medicine and oxygen.

The United States, the United Kingdom and Germany have pledged to send aid to the country, As inputs for vaccine production, medical equipment and safety equipment.

At the worst moment of the epidemic, a India listened to Twitter To remove dozens of posts critical of the Indian government – Includes some made by local MPs.

The request was partially granted, And a spokesman for the social networking site interviewed by Reuters news agency confirmed that some tweets had been removed due to a “legal request”.

Twitter said it was obligated to comply with the request.

Indian authorities use the country’s 2000 Technical Information Act, which has the provision of “Protecting the Sovereignty and Integrity of India”.

In an interview 1 p.m. (See below), Brazilian Ambassador to India Andre Aranha Korea Do Logo says he believes the country’s dire situation makes it impossible to export vaccines.

Lago also says that the new wave of Covit-19 has affected the work of the Brazilian embassy.

Two diplomats and some officials are suspected of having the infection and are waiting for the results of the tests. A case has already been confirmed.

India suspends vaccine exports after registered Govt cases

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