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Indonesia bans Steam, Epic Games and other platforms. The players are angry

Millions of Indonesian players have lost access to popular services and platforms. Steam, Epic Games, Origin, Yahoo,, Ubisoft Connect are prohibited in this country. The reason is a new law that many companies have not accepted.

Indonesia blocks access to popular platforms

The Indonesian government has specifically angered its citizens – according to reports PCGamer191 million active internet users. Internet services and popular gaming platforms are no longer available. We are talking about sites like steamand Epic Games, Origin, Yahoo,, Ubisoft Connect, and PayPal. In the case of the latter, an exception has been made and the service will be available over the next few days. What is the reason for this action?

new law

The companies did not comply with the new regulations, first announced in November 2020, that required companies to register in the state’s database. Such a recording means in practice Consent to share data about usersIf the government so requests, the duty Remove the indicated content.

Not everyone participated

The deadline for submitting documents has passed. Some companies agreed to these terms and obtained a license, but not all of them could boast of them, which led to a blockade. Here it must be emphasized The restrictions are not permanent. The government asserts that it is possible to restore services, As long as the listed companies agree to the new law.

Sebastian Barris, polygamist journalist

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