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Infections and deaths are rare after the Govt vaccine, according to a British study

Oxford / Astrogenogen vaccine

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LONDON (Reuters) – The youngest and weakest Covit-19 patients are still hospitalized and dying after receiving the first dose of the Pfizer and Astrogene vaccines, but that does not mean the vaccines are not working, British researchers say.

Presenting real-world data on a subcommittee of Covit-19 patients admitted to a hospital in the UK, the researchers’ findings show some degree of “vaccine failure” – cases where vaccinated people are still infected and infected – but they “are not” unexpected “.

“It’s mainly in the group, it’s somehow vulnerable to future diseases, it’s the elderly. These people are very fragile and very old,” said Kalam Semble, professor of child health and epidemiology at the University of Liverpool and co – author of the research.

“We’re not saying the vaccine won’t work,” he explained at a news conference. “Actually, this is good evidence from the real world that it works. But they also show that the vaccine is not right. ”

Data released Friday for more printing without a sieve from the scientific community shows that of the more than 52,000 Covid-19 patients admitted to the hospital, 526 had been vaccinated with the first dose or the Estrogenocca vaccine or Pfizer vaccine. At least three weeks before the vaccination – 113 of them died.

Most of the post-vaccination cases and deaths occurred among vulnerable and elderly people, the researchers said.

Clinical trials have shown that the estrogen vaccine is 76% effective against severe trials, and the Pfizer trials indicate greater than 90% efficacy.

Using the Pfizer vaccine first, and then the Astrogeneca vaccine, the UK is one of the fastest-growing Covid-19 vaccine deliveries in the world – more than 33.8 million first-line vaccines have been used, and a quarter of adults have already received two doses.

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