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Inflation in the European Union. How does Poland fare in Eurostat data?

Inflation in the European Union.  How does Poland fare in Eurostat data?

Officially, the rate was 9.8 percent in July. It is an annual result. Mean increase of 0.2 percentage points. compared to June.

The highest inflation rate in the history of the European Union

Data from the European Union’s Statistics Office shows that the July reading reached an all-time high. We also have a record when it comes to the level of inflation in the Eurozone. It reached 8.9 percent in July. compared to 8.6 percent in June.

Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania – more than 20%

Eurostat data shows that inflation in three countries of the European Union exceeds 20%. These are Estonia with an inflation rate of 23.2%, Latvia with an inflation rate of 21.3% and Lithuania with an inflation rate of 20.9%.

The lowest on the list are France and Malta. Inflation in these countries was 6.8% in July.

Eurostat. How is Poland?

In turn, in Poland, according to Eurostat, inflation in July amounted to 14.2%, which puts our country in seventh place in the ranking.

Taking into account only Eurozone countries, inflation in Finland (8%), Italy (8.4%) and Germany (8.5%) were below average.

GUS: 15.6 percent

The inflation rate in July was 15.6 percent on an annual basis. – The Central Statistics Office reported on Friday. This is 0.1 p. More than the initial reading recorded in early August. Inflation was 15.6 percent in June. This is the highest official inflation rate since March 1997.

Compared to the previous month, prices of goods and services increased by 0.5 percent. (Including services – by 1.2% and goods – by 0.3%).

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Central Bureau of Statistics data show that the largest increases were recorded in the following areas: transportation (27.7%), apartment or home use and energy carriers (25.3%), restaurants and hotels (16.4%), food and others. Alcoholic beverages (15.3%), entertainment and culture (11.3%).

Where did the contradictions come from? explains that the discrepancies between the Central Statistical Office and the Eurostat Statistical Office are caused by the fact that the data of the Statistical Office of the European Union and the Central Statistical Office differ in terms of the baskets of goods and services examined and, as a consequence, also the readings. However, since Eurostat HICP inflation follows the same methodology in each EU country, it allows for fair comparisons of price increases between countries.

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