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Inflation is destroying our mental health

Inflation is destroying our mental health

Almost half of Poles have problems with their mental state. Among the reasons why it is also inflation, which in turn drives prices and loan installments significantly. People with a net salary of PLN 5,000 per month, women, young people and well-educated people are most complaining. Usually this is announced by residents of cities with a population of 20-49 thousand people. Population.

Inflation must be stifled

These general conclusions can be drawn from the study “The Mental Health of Poles in Times of High Inflation”, described by the Strefa Biznesu website. Made by UCE Research and the platform.

They show that 43.7 percent. Respondents now experience a deterioration in their mental health, mental state, or well-being due to increased inflation. The fact that incomes are declining, prices in stores and loan installments are rising, and currencies are expensive, does not affect the emotional state of 44.2 percent. responders. 12.1 percent couldn’t judge it.

The longer the prices go up, the more worried our citizens will be. In the current situation, the only hope will be to curb inflation quickly – comments Piotr Kuczyński, financial market analyst from DI Xelion, citing the business district.

Sooner or later all adult Poles will feel inflated, regardless of their financial situation. Both the rich and the poor can react to inflation in the same way, fearing completely different scenarios – estimates Michau Bagdak, one of the study’s co-authors from the platform.

Winter will burn everyone

People who earn PLN 5,000 net per month – 51.8 percent

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The poorest Poles, whose income does not reach 1,000 PLN per hand, take second place – 44.2 percent.

The last place is occupied by people with an income of more than 9000. PLN per month – 35.9 percent.

– The Poles, whose monthly earnings range in the range of PLN 5,000 to PLN 6,999 per hand, awakened spending needs, which were largely affected by rising inflation. This could threaten the current lifestyle, and this, in turn, should be very worrying – believes Piotr Kuczyński, quoted by the portal.

Economist Marek Zuber adds that in the last quarter of this year, the proportion of people declaring a loss of mental health for economic reasons will increase to 70 percent. During the heating season, the worst mood will occur in villages and small towns, where houses are burned with coal.

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