September 22, 2021

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Information about the withdrawal of American troops from Poland is a fairy tale

Information about the withdrawal of American troops from Poland is a fairy tale

How do you rate the United Wright atmosphere after the departure of Jarosa Cove? How will this affect the future of our country?

Tomas Rimkovsky: I hope nothing unusual happened. In Poland and other parliamentary democracies it is natural for any member of government to question the policy of the ruling party, and we are talking here about an important plan for overcoming the epidemic crisis and the consequences of the Polish order. The government does not want to implement accepted assumptions and the natural outcome is to leave the ranks of the government. If she did not agree with him, no one would have forced anyone.

What does the future of United Wright look like now? Will this weaken her or vice versa?

Of course, a few votes will be lost from politicians who oppose the assumptions of the Polish mandate, along with Jarosa Gov. It seems to me that it is in no way endangered by the majority needed for the support of the government and for the adoption of all laws relating to the implementation of the Polish order.

How do you relate to the opinion given in some media that the law promised by “Lex TVN” can reduce the number of US troops in our country?

I hope this kind of story can be put into fairy tales. If anyone believes that the entertainment system ownership system issue affects the bilateral relations between the two countries under the world’s most powerful military agreement, i.e. the North Atlantic Treaty, they are wrong. I do not think this issue will have even the slightest impact on fundamental global security issues such as US intervention in this part of the world. I think this is nonsense and a ploy for the innocent.

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After the recent referendum in Sezmil, the storm occurred, mainly due to reconsideration. How do you comment on the voices that say it is against democratic standards?

Under no doubt, Sezmin’s rules provide that after a minimum of 30 votes, a motion for a re – vote may be submitted to Sezmin Marshall. Members of Parliament had the right to do so, and such a decision was made in accordance with the rules of Marshall Elipida Wytech Sezmin. I consider all critical voices that such a serious ignorance of the realities of the Polish parliament and the medical example of ignorance is not possible. This is not the first time Sezmin has reconsidered during this period. We are practically halfway through this term, all members must have some institutional memory and be aware that this kind of situation occurs in Parliament.

There was an announcement that an amendment would be proposed in the bill passed in the SEZ. How do you assess the chances of the Senate approving it?

It will be a test for opposition parties wearing the logo of a business center attached to the lap of the Navy. Let’s see if they really like this business center, which undoubtedly supports each other and supports revision, which is very beneficial in this station’s view. Otherwise, I suspect that without this amendment the bill will finally be passed and sent to the President, i.e. the resolution to reject the bill outright will be rejected by a parliamentary majority.