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InPost parcels will be delivered on the same day to the parcel locker. There is one condition

InPost parcels will be delivered on the same day to the parcel locker.  There is one condition

– Polish e-commerce is growing rapidly, and the demand for the Polish consumer is increasing by 80 percent. Customers say they will buy more if shipments are delivered faster. in publishing Responding to these expectations, we raise the bar for all market players who deliver these parcels – confirmed in an interview with the agency Business Newseria Rafai Brzoska.

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The new service is now working

The new service has been running since September 14. As part of same-day delivery, shipments are dispatched Within one city, which will be delivered to the distribution center by 4:30 p.m.will be delivered to extrusion machines InPost on the day of publication.

– In such a case, regardless of whether the store integrates with InPost, or whether the consumer has opted for next-day delivery or weekend delivery, we will attempt to deliver such parcels to the parcel machines on the same day at no additional charge. This means that on the same evening our customers will be able to pick them up from the parcel locker – confirmed the head of InPost.

InPost announces a technical outage. There will be difficulties in sending the parcel

According to the “E-Commerce in Poland 2020” study, Gemius for e-Commerce Polska, delivery to a parcel machine is the form most electronic consumers choose (61 percent). A little before home delivery or courier work (55 percent). The report confirms that the cases costs And delivery performance is becoming more and more important to customers. Shortening package waiting time may increase the popularity of online shopping. 33% of the respondents confirmed that this factor will increase the frequency of their purchases before Internet. When asked “How long does it take for delivery to urge you to shop online more often?” 95 percent answered that up to eight hours, and 86 percent. – Up to 12 hours. The long waiting time for product delivery has been the problem that internet users have frequently pointed out while shopping online.

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InPost will deliver the package on the same day

Also for business customers, the speed and timeliness of delivery is of paramount importance to evaluating e-commerce. Half of B2B sellers surveyed for the report “Business-to-Business – Business in the Internet” believe that Santander bank Poland by Mobile Institute.

Same-day delivery, a new recipe that has become a reality. We, as InPost, are a harbinger, but we are also a company that responds to 80 percent expectations. Customers who want to receive their purchases here and now, as soon as possible – confirms Rafai Brzoska.

InPost parcel locker in WarsawHow do you send a parcel in the parcel locker? How do I ship a package without a label?

As he emphasizes, same-day delivery is possible thanks to an extensive investment program implemented in recent years. This includes dozens of new fully automated branches, as well as several thousand more InPost parcel lockers created every year throughout Poland. The company also invests in IT operations and infrastructure as well as a fleet of thousands Cars, including electric cars.

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