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Interesting entry by Cristiano Ronaldo. Seems goodbye to Juventus

Interesting entry by Cristiano Ronaldo.  Seems goodbye to Juventus

Last season League It wasn’t very successful for Juventus. The team “only” won the National Cup and the Super Cup. In the Italian league, Inter Milan overthrew him. This is the first time since 2011 that Juventus He didn’t win the league. Turn, on Champions League He was eliminated in stage 1/8 of the final in the competition with FC Porto.

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Even during the season, the Italian media speculated about the future Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese would have been disappointed by his fate in Italy and his agent was looking for a new club for him. However, Cristiano’s high salary stood in his way. Some clubs weren’t supposed to be interested in winning a star, while others had different transfer priorities.

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Cristiano Ronaldo’s long Instagram post. Summarize the season

Speculation may subside a bit after Juventus finally win (albeit a little happy) the promotion to Champions LeagueWhich, according to Italian journalists, was one of the factors that prompted Ronaldo to stay with the team despite a disappointing season. The Portuguese summed up last year’s matches on Instagram. He assured that he is satisfied with his accomplishments after all.

The life and career of every great footballer is ups and downs. Year after year we are facing great teams with exceptional players and ambitious goals, so we always have to do our best to stay on top – the footballer got into it.

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– We couldn’t win this year Serie A Oh, congratulations to Inter on the well-deserved title. Nevertheless, I must appreciate everything that we have achieved at Juventus this season, as a team and as an individual. The Portuguese admits that the Italian Super Cup, the Coppa Italia and the Scorer Cup of Serie A make me happy, mainly because of the difficulty they bring with them in a country where nothing is easy to win.

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Later in the post, he announced that he had already achieved a lot in Italy. He won all possible titles in the country, was voted the best player in the Italian league, and was also the top scorer.

– Thanks to these achievements, I reached the goal that I set for myself from the first day of my arrival in Italy: to win the championship, cup and Super Cup, and to become the best player and goal scorer in this wonderful football country full of vitality Ronaldo wrote: Great players, giant clubs and my football culture.

– I already said that I am not chasing the records, the records are chasing me. For those who don’t understand what I mean by that, it’s very simple: football is a team game, but it is through individual victories that we help our teams achieve their goals. You are always looking for more and more on the field, working more and more off the field, records appear at the end and team titles become inevitable. Some are a natural consequence of the other – we read in the Instagram post.

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Ronaldo’s amazing achievements. “This is what moves me”

Finally, Ronaldo highlighted his accomplishments that look great. All that appears to be missing is the Champions League victory over Juventus. So far, he’s managed to do it with Manchester United I Real Madrid.

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– So I am very proud of this fact that has been repeated a lot in recent days: the champion of England, Spain and Italy, the winner of the England Cup, Spain and Italy, the winner of the Super Cup of England, Spain and Italy, the best player in England, Spain and Italy, the top scorer in England, Spain and Italy, with more than 100 goals For the club from England, Spain and Italy. Nothing compares to the feeling that I have made my mark in the countries where I have played and that I have brought joy to the fans of the clubs I represented. This is what I’m working on, it moves me and this is what I’ll always chase until the last day – announced Cristiano Ronaldo.

This season, Cristiano Ronaldo has scored 29 goals in 33 Serie A matches and has scored two goals. In all competitions, he played 44 times and scored 36 goals, and also made the last four assists.

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