July 27, 2021

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Internet attack.  Hackers demand $70 million in petocin

Internet attack. Hackers demand $70 million in petocin

A group called “REvil cybercrime” posted a ransom note on its blog. Hackers demand 70 million dollar Cryptocurrency Bitcoin To provide a “master key” for all computers at risk.

Experts from the American company Recorded Future deal with it cyber security We believe the blog post is real. The group’s website has been around for a year.

In one of the biggest ransomware hacking attacks since Friday afternoon (2.7.2021), the computer systems of thousands of businesses around the world may be paralyzed. at United States of America The problem affected at least 200 companies. The attack also had repercussions in Europe. In Sweden, supermarket chain COOP had to close 800 stores due to payment closures.

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Hackers: over a million computers

According to the German BSI office – responsible for information security – the hacker attack also affected thousands of computers in Germany. One affected IT service provider, which has several thousand systems from various clients under its sponsorship, has already implemented. BSI may receive other reports.

The “REvil” group exploited a vulnerability in the US IT service provider Kaseya. In the process, the entire billing systems were blocked by the hacked crypto software. REvil claims that more than a million computers have been infected. To date, there is no assessment of the extent of the damage by independent experts.

500 plus. Major changes to the program are possible from 2022. The government introduced the bill

Effects lead to Russia

Kaseya herself reported that less than 40 customers were affected by this issue. Among them, however, there were service providers that had many customers. This had a kind of domino effect.

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Kaseya has more than 36,000 customers. Through their VSA program, companies manage software updates in computer systems. Thus, hacking VSA software opens many doors for hackers.

The next day after the attack, US President Joe Biden ordered the intelligence services to conduct an investigation. “The first impression was that the Russian government was not behind this, but we’re not sure yet,” Biden said.

IT security experts attributed the attack to the “REvil” hacker group based on the program’s code. And the “REvil” group, which was found by experts in Russia, was behind the attack on the world’s largest meat company, JBS, a few weeks ago. As a result, the company was forced to close factories in the United States and other countries for several days. The company paid the attackers the equivalent of $11 million in cryptocurrency.

(RTR, DPA/dom)

The article comes from the site German wave.

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