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Invasion of Lech Pozna fans to Vienna. Cool Pics of Pikemon

Invasion of Lech Pozna fans to Vienna.  Cool Pics of Pikemon

The game in Vienna may secure an upgrade Why do we weigh To the knockout stage Confederations of European Congresses. “There will be no excuses” – Colegurts coach John van den Brum declared at the press conference that in the Austrian capital he can count on the huge support of its fans.

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Roman Kołtoń for the fall of the Golden Ball. “Let’s Make It, Crush Lewandowski”

Lech fans invade Vienna. They even occupied the host sectors

Fans of the Polish champion did not disappoint. They came to Vienna with a much larger number of visitors than the capacity of the visitor sector, which is about 1,500 seats in the Generali Arena. So, fans why Pozna also occupied neighboring sectors theoretically intended for local fans, and in one big group they cheered on John van den Broom’s team, equally impressive and sometimes even higher than the Austrian fans who filled the entire stadium on the other side of the stadium.

It can be estimated in the stadium Austria currently hosts about 2,500 Lech fans, although the facility also houses people dressed in the Polish champion’s colors who have also bought tickets for other sectors and stands at the Generali Arena.

Lich’s competitor put honor above the money. He lost millions of euros but gained respect

after 15 minutes Toys There is a negative tie in Vienna. You can watch live coverage of the Austria-Vienna-Lech Poznan match at this link.

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