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Iona Pavlovich ended a difficult marriage. The second husband is her great love

Iona Pavlovich ended a difficult marriage.  The second husband is her great love

  • Iona Pavlovich met her first husband thanks to her love of dancing. Arkadiusz Pavlovi was her first partner on the dance floor, after which he also became her husband
  • In 1989, the couple who was considered an ideal relationship in society got married
  • However, the first marriage of Iona Pavlovich did not survive the test of time, and at the end of its term their relationship turned into a friendly one. After the divorce, the dancer faced a wave of criticism for leaving her husband
  • The juror “Dancing with the Stars” is currently the happy wife of entrepreneur Wojciech Oshwichmsky. She is also the stepmother of his three children
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dance in life Iona Pavlovic He was present since childhood. Thanks to him, she found her great love. Gorka”Dancing with the starsIn the eighties she met Arcadius Pavlovich, who became her partner both on the dance floor and in life. For years, they considered the perfect marriage that no crisis would shake. However, in the life of the dancing couple, after years of living together, the feeling that was their strength faded away. After almost 20 years, they broke up, which led to many unpleasant comments about … Iona Pavlovic.

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Ivona Pavlovic. love to dance

She knew since childhood that dancing would accompany her for the rest of her life. Iona Pavlovic (nee Szymańska) was born on November 2, 1962. Her mother was a housewife, and her father was a policeman, boxer and member of the folk band. Chatting with viewers of “Dzień Dobry TVN”, the dancer said:

Iona Pavlovic initially trained in handball at school, but at the age of seven she joined the folk team, where she caught the dancing bug. In an interview with “Super Express” she recalled:

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However, only after graduating from high school she became interested in dancing, where she decided to try her hand. The parents of the future juror of the movie “Dancing with the Stars” saw how interested their daughter was in dancing. In “Super Express” the dancer admitted:

Iona Pavlovich. By dancing to the heart

When 15-year-old Iona Pavlovich joined the Mirai group, practicing ballroom dancing, fate put the young dancer Arcadios Pavlovich in her life. earlier She had many dance partners, however, the fate of Arcadius became. They met in 1981 at a dance camp and became a couple on the dance floor. Iona Pavlovic said in an interview with “Super Express”:

I spent many hours together practicing layouts, polishing the model and taking care of the highest efficiency that made it possible Something more than friendly relations began to happen between partners. Iona Pavlovich admitted in an interview with “Super Express”:

The couple performed all over Poland and climbed the career ladder respectively. They won competitions, won awards, and worked hard and harder for their name in the dance environment. As she admitted, it was with Arkadiusz Pavlovicz that she achieved the greatest professional successes. When her popularity grew in society, Arkadiusz and Iwona Pavlovici lived happily and … they wanted to open their own dance school, but they needed the possibility of training with the best and capital. They emigrated to Great Britain, where they could learn under the supervision of world-class experts and raise funds to implement their plans.

Photo: Jarosław Antoniak / MW Media

Iona Pavlovic

The life of Iona Pavlovich and her husband in exile was not easy. The dancer admitted in an interview with Pomponic:

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“Black Mamba”, because that’s the name Iona Pavlovic after her first appearance on “Dancing with the Stars” admitted that She held various jobs: she was a waitress, ironing things, looking after children, weaving gardens, and even … painted rooms. She endured everything very patiently, although she had moments of doubt. Fortunately, she could count on the support of her lover whom she married in 1989.

The marriage of Arcadiusz and Iona Pavlovich did not surprise his colleagues from the world of dance. They were considered the perfect couple who would be together forever. Especially since they went through many difficult moments in exile, and they were united by a great love of dancing. In 1994, Iona Pavlovich ended her choreographic career, but after three years with her husband she founded the school “Pavlovich – Master of Choreography”, where they trained, among other things, Agustin Igurola And the Rafai Misrak.

Iona Pavlovich. Her first husband was cheating on her

Having completed her dance career, Iona Pavlovich received judicial qualifications, thanks to which she was able to judge others during tournaments. She also devoted herself to educating others and took advantage of the proposal to enter the world of television in 2003. Initially, she worked as a dance coach on TVN’s reality show “Drugaface”. However, in 2005 she became one of the members of the jury.Dancing with the starsIt gained great popularity due to the critical and professional evaluations of the participants.

Iona Pavlovic

Photo: Andras Szilagyi / MW Media

Iona Pavlovic

Arkadiusz and Iwona Pavlovici lived for several years by their passion, which was the driving force of their relationship. The entire dance community considered them ideal pairs, not threatened by any serious crises. But the reality was completely different. The ‘Dancing with the Stars’ juror wasn’t feeling well in her marriage, and in her conversation with Krzysztof Ibesz on Understanding Women She admitted that the last few years of marriage were really friendly relations. She said her mother had reacted the strongest to the thought of the divorce:

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The dancer had to face a huge wave of not only surprise from the dance community, but also criticism for her decision to leave her husband.. Iona Pavlovic admitted in an interview with Krzysztof Ibisz:

Iona Pavlovic

Photo: Andras Szilagyi / MW Media

Iona Pavlovic

Finally, in 2008, Iona Pavlovich divorced her husband after 19 years of marriage. The most painful thing for the dancer was her Her husband at the time did not even try to stop her. He instantly made a life with a new partner. Iona Pavlovic admitted in an interview with Krzysztof Ibisz:

Ex-husbands did not share the anger. Iona Pavlovic confirmed in an interview with “Super Express”:

The dancer and juror in “Dancing with the Stars” found happiness with businessman Wojciech Oświęcimski. They married in September 2009 and Iona Pavlovich became a stepmother to his three sons after the wedding. She herself did not become a mother, and in an interview with the weekly newspaper “Live” she explained:

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