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iPhone 13 – How much does it cost and is it worth changing?

iPhone 13 - How much does it cost and is it worth changing?

Apple conferences are no longer the same event they were a few years ago, which everyone waited holding their breath for. It was then that Steve Jobs appeared in the middle and showcased technological innovations that were not expected at all. Viewers were able to highlight only a short “wow”. These times are a thing of the past, and Apple conferences don’t evoke the same feelings or get as much attention as they once did. The main reason for this is the fact that the company with the logo of the apple that was bitten is no longer as ahead of the competition with technology as it once was.

iPhone 13 has become a reality. To say that this is indeed the iPhone 12 but at a higher price is completely unfounded. We get devices with exactly the same look and size, although the notch is slightly smaller and the cameras are positioned differently. Apple ditched the 64GB version this year. Too late, because other manufacturers have been implementing many ROMs in their flagships for a long time. Batteries will continue to be one of the weaknesses of the devices. They will receive cells with capacities of 2406 mAh, 3095 mAh and 4352 mAh. It’s still a huge advance compared to last year’s models. Moreover, the manufacturer promises that the batteries will last 1.5-2.5 hours longer. On the other hand, Apple can boast of fast charging with a maximum power of 25W. This is the most common mockery of users who can get up to 120W charging from the competition, often with a charger.

In the iPhone 13, for the first time in the company’s history, a screen with a refresh rate of 120 Hz will be implemented. It’s just that from an industry perspective, this is nothing new. The competition has been using this type of solution for a long time. The first smartphones with this refresh rate began to appear in 2017. In fact, the company should be ashamed that it has not yet implemented this solution in the iPhone 12. The biggest innovations introduced in this year’s model are related to the camera and image capture. Therefore, it will not be felt by anyone who does not make photography.

The position that the iPhone 13 is not a revolution is supported by an expert in Apple smartphones, Janne Korpela: “- The iPhone 13 is not a revolution in the mobile market as its first generations were. But I see an interesting step in the direction. In addition to the traditionally modified parameters of the cameras and the addition of more From memory, there are improvements that long-term users will appreciate.Special ceramic glass should better protect the screen, and the battery is expected to last 2.5 hours longer than previous series devices.Both components are among the frequently replaced parts of the iPhone.And that At the Swappie tech center. Improving it will extend the life of Apple phones. We already know that, thanks to maintenance on older versions, it can be several years longer than most users think.”

You can throw mud at Apple and their new smartphone, but there is no denying that it is still a powerful device and one of the best on the market. The problem is its price. This year we are witnessing a new record set by Apple. We will pay up to 8199 PLN for the most expensive version. A bit pricey for a slightly improved smartphone compared to its predecessor. Apple again offers poor quality and price ratio.

iPhone 12 or 11 owners should not consider changing their device to this year’s model without a specific reason. The iPhone 13 offers quite a few new solutions to pay a fortune for it. However, this does not mean that this phone should be deleted and not mentioned at all. iPhone 13 is still a reasonable option when switching from older devices. It will also be a good choice as the first iOS phone for people who haven’t connected to Apple smartphones yet.

Pre-sale starts September 17th. The phones will go on sale on September 24th.

iPhone 13 mini:

128 GB – 3599 PLN

256 GB – 4099 PLN

512 GB – 5099 PLN

iPhone 13:

128 GB – 4199 PLN

256 GB – 4699 PLN

512 GB – 5699 PLN

iPhone 13 Pro:

128 GB – 5199 PLN

256 GB – 5699 PLN

512 GB – 6699 PLN

1 TB – 7699 PLN

iPhone 13 Pro Max:

128 GB – 5699 PLN

256 GB – 6199 PLN

512 GB – 7199 PLN

1 TB – 8199 PLN

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