October 21, 2021

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iPhone 13 Pro and the A15 Bionic chip are already in the midst of benchmarks.  There can only be one result

iPhone 13 Pro and the A15 Bionic chip are already in the midst of benchmarks. There can only be one result

Iphone 13 was revealed a few days ago. Just like last year, we saw four different models of the new smartphone An appleAnd which differ in several important respects. However, they are all paid Same as Apple A15 Bionic processor.

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During Tuesday’s presentation, the Cupertino company hailed the A15 Bionic system as equal 50 percent faster than the best processor in the competition. Apple didn’t reveal what system he was drinking in, but there are many indications that he was there Snapdragon 888 from Qualcomm.

Of course, such marketing ads should be treated with a high degree of distrust. That is why we have been eagerly awaiting the first test results, It would show us the real performance of the latest Apple chip.

iPhone 13 Geekbench 5

Apple A15 Bionic tested. Competitors without a chance.

These results have just appeared, and this is due to Geekbench 5, A popular tool that tests the performance of mobile devices. The published results show that Iphone 13 Pro with A15 Bionic chip got the board 1728 Points in the single-core test and 4695 Score in the multi-core test.

For comparison, in the case of last year iPhone’a 12 Pro The results were straight 1597 I 4140 points. On the other hand OnePlus 9 Pro With Snapdragon 888 chip, which is one of the most powerful smartphones Android Available in market Obtained in Geekbench 5 . test 1116 And 3541 points.

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Conclusions Absolutely clear. Already iPhone 12 Pro powered by A14 chip, In terms of performance It has eliminated practically all the competition for Android. The iPhone 13 Pro with the A15 Bionic processor tightens the records even more, and the statement that this system is up to 50 percent. More efficient than the best competing processors, it is certainly defensible.

iPhone 13 Pro - Metal ResultsiPhone 13 Pro – Metal Results Geekbench 5

By the way, Geekbench 5 has also been tested Graphics chip (GPU) in the new iPhone. This also works brilliantly. In the test, the iPhone 13 Pro . scored 14,216 points. For comparison, last year’s iPhone 12 Pro scored 9123 points by the same benchmark, which is a great result anyway.