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iPhone 14 is not for a pole – the Polish price annoys you

iPhone 14 is not for a pole - the Polish price annoys you

The iPhone 14 is likely to be much more expensive than its predecessor. It will be felt mainly by the Poles.

Are you waiting for the premiere of the new iPhone? Then we have bad news. As mentioned Ming Chi KuoCupertino’s new smartphones may be much more expensive than their predecessors. The analyst suggests that the rate hike may reach a level about 15 percent.

iPhone 14 will increase by 15%

What does this mean in practice? At the moment, unfortunately, it’s hard to say, because the 15 percent mentioned above relates to the average price increase for the entire iPhone 14 family. So far, we don’t know what the individual models share, but one thing is for sure: the increases won’t miss us.

Kuo suggests that it will mainly affect devices in the Pro version. This does not mean, however, that they will surpass the iPhone 14. On the contrary – according to some reports It is expected to cost $100 more than its predecessor.

The Polish Price of the iPhone 14 Will Annoy You – Literally

But let’s say for a moment that that 15 percent is the increase we can expect over the next series. How will this translate to PLN? If we take the first prices of the iPhone 14 as a reference point, then the prices for the base model will start From 4800 PLN. Let us remind you that the iPhone 13128 GB at the time of its appearance cost “only” 4199 PLN.

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In case iPhone 14 Pro However, we must take into account the starting prices From 6000 PLN Instead of the current PLN 5199. It does not look rosy, especially when raising the price list. It turns out that The most expensive iPhone 14 Pro Max in the 1 TB version will cost 9500 PLN

iPhone 14: How much will we pay in Poland?

It is noteworthy that in September last year the zloty was a much stronger currency. For 1 USD, we had to pay about 3.85 PLN, while the current exchange rate exceeds 4.50 PLN. Unfortunately, it must be assumed that this will also affect the Polish iPhone 14 prices.

Taking the current price and assuming that it will be translated to smartphone prices linearly, for The cheapest version of the iPhone 14 will have to pay a staggering 5,600 PLN, for the most expensive iPhone 14 Pro Max up to 11,000 PLN!

Of course, the above calculations are speculative and based on partial data. On this basis, however, it can be safely assumed that the upcoming iPhone 14 will be out of reach of most Poles.

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Image Credit: Apple, Shutterstock

Text source: Twitter (@mingchikuo), Digital Trends, ed. king

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