October 19, 2021

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iPhone will check your mental health soon?

Wednesday, September 22, 2021 17:54, By Alexandre Peskoors

The company is working on a new job.

It has not been known since yesterday that Apple is focusing so much on its devices on developing functions related to digital health. The US company is investing millions of dollars in research that will allow smartphones and Apple Watch to be used to gather more statistics about diseases and other problems.

New information published by the Wall Street Journal reveals that the Cupertino giant may develop ways to detect and diagnose conditions related to a user’s mental health.

Will the iPhone be able to detect depression?

Apple is working on ways to allow the new iPhones to detect depression, anxiety, and deteriorating cognitive functions for users. Scientists hope that analyzing data, such as typing, sleep amount, and facial expressions, will help provide valuable data for a possible diagnosis. All this of course with due respect to privacy.

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Foot. Frederic Lieffert

Data has already been collected from more than 150 people in the pilot studying the problems described above. The search began in the second half of 2020. If the data from the research matches symptoms of depression or anxiety, Apple will be able to warn the user with a specially designed notification – if the smartphone notices signs of deteriorating mental health. So the iPhone will be able to suggest the need to seek help from a professional. How would he do that without causing more harm to the user himself? This is not yet known.

Apple and its partners are only just beginning to work on the solution described, so it may be at least a few years before we see the first results. It is not yet clear whether programmers can create algorithms that reliably and accurately detect deteriorating mental health conditions.

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What do you think of this job?

Do you think it could cause more harm or good?

Source: The Wall Street Journal / Foot. Thai Nguyen – Unsplash