October 18, 2021

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Iranian cargo ship reportedly hit in the Red Sea | The world

A cargo ship with the flag desire Attacked inside Red Sea, Al Arabiya TV reported the news on Tuesday (6) citing anonymous sources. The Iranian news agency Tasnim said the ship had collided with a naval mine.

According to reports, the incident with the ship Iran Chavis Would have happened on the beach Eritrea. The ship will be attached Revolutionary Guardian of Iran. The cargo is said to have supported several Iranian anti-piracy escort missions for merchant ships in recent years.

The Reuters agency was unable to independently verify reports in the Iranian press, and the country’s authorities did not comment on the case until the last update of the report.

Attack on Iranian cargo ship – Photo: G1 Mundo

Officers two United States They said anonymously that the country had not taken part in any offensive against an Iranian ship in the Red Sea.

This episode is the latest in a series of attacks on Israeli and Iranian-flagged ships since the two rivals exchanged accusations since the end of February.

The incidents happened again after Joe Biden arrived at the White House, signaling his intention to restart the 2015 nuclear deal between global powers and Iran.

The deal was signed during the Donald Trump administration. Abandoned, in response, the Tehran government violated certain parts of the agreement.

Iran and the United States began indirect talks in Vienna on Tuesday, including other powers on possible ways to resume the deal.

Both Iran and the United States classified the talks as constructive.

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