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Iraqi army: Attack on a base with US forces. Two drones were intercepted

Iraqi army: Attack on a base with US forces.  Two drones were intercepted

Iraqi armed forces intercepted two drones that opened fire on the Ain al-Assad air base, where US and allied troops were stationed Sunday. The Iraqi military says the attack was carried out by pro-Iraqi military groups. The last such attack took place on May 8, Reuters reported.

The Iraqi air defense assessment clearly shows that the nature of Sunday’s attack was supported by pro-Iranian military groups operating in Iraq. The drones did no harm. They were stopped thanks to the modern CRAM anti-missile system (counter-rocket, artillery and motor system), which the Americans had recently installed at an Iraqi air base, and became impatient with repeated airstrikes.

The last such attack took place on May 8, Reuters reported.

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Iraq base with US forces REUTERS

Intercepted missile

In addition to the drones fired at the Ain al-Assad base on Sunday, a missile was also launched early that morning, causing damage at Baghdad airport. However, it was detained and destroyed, causing no casualties, said Col. Wayne Maroto, a spokesman for the International Coalition in Iraq.

Another drone strike on US targets in Iraq is dangerous for Americans because it is technically similar to the actions of Houthi rebels from Yemen against targets in Saudi Arabia, the AFP estimates. The Americans believe that aid and technical support are being provided to the Houthis by the same pro-Iranian groups that began to use this method of warfare in Iraq, mainly targeting US troops stationed there.

There have been 39 such attacks since the beginning of this year. Among others, the U.S. embassy in Baghdad, Iraqi military bases where US troops are stationed, international airports in Baghdad, and guards of the Irbil and Iraqi armies in Iraqi Kurdistan.

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As a result of these attacks, the U.S. Two Western allies in military service and one Iraqi worked for the Americans

Iranian attack on US bases in IraqBAP

Key Photo Source: REUTERS

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