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Is a large Polish power plant at risk of failure due to poor quality coal? Ravako and Torun comment on the matter

Is a large Polish power plant at risk of failure due to poor quality coal?  Ravako and Torun comment on the matter

On Friday morning, Onet published an article telling about the dangers of a serious malfunction at one of Poland’s largest power plants. It is a facility in Jaworzno, affiliated with the state-owned Tauron Corporation.

A large power plant is failing due to poor quality coal? “prison”

Onet cites accusations that the coal block will work with poor-quality raw materials. The portal publishes photos of the screws, claiming that this type of waste mixed with coal was supposed to go to the power plant.

This is complete nonsense, a crime story. Someone will have to answer this – says the person who saw the pollution in the coal used at the power plant in an interview with the service.

The CEO of Ravaco, which operates the coal unit in Jaurzno, says the consequences of using poor-quality raw materials can be serious. – This may cause permanent damage to the installation. We tried to persuade Torun to develop an appropriate methodology for working in these circumstances. To no avail – convinces.

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Torun responds to the allegations. It shows his picture

The company rejects the allegations made by Onet. Unit 910 was commissioned in Jaurzno, work In the unit it is made according to the contract. In our opinion, Rafako is again using business blackmail, and the material – including photos – published by Rafako has been manipulated,” we read in the official statement.

As explained by the company, the 910 MW unit – as one of the most modern units of this type in the country – was equipped by RVACO with a complete system for detecting and capturing metallic (ferromagnetic) impurities in order to protect the installation. Against possible damages and disturbances in the operation of the unit.

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“This system was provided by the unit contractor, RAFCO. Its function is to capture contaminants that may disrupt the operation of the installation. coal in mines It undergoes a purification process, though, due to the very large amount of efflux coalthe leakage of a small amount of pollutants into the coal supplied to the power plant cannot be completely excluded” – states the company. The company also publishes photos showing the coal – to prove that it is of good quality.

He also denied other arguments that appeared in the morning post. “It is also not true that the coal storage yard next to the power plant is empty. Currently, the stock level in the coal storage yard is twice what the regulations for fuel stocks in power companies require. It should also be noted that Tauron has purchased coal from Indonesia for the purpose of this block, asserts Initial laboratory tests that the fuel meets contract requirements. Currently, the last coal tests conducted by an independent laboratory are underway to confirm the results and additional parameters already obtained. The results will be announced on Monday “- it reads.

Expert: Coal shortage is a growing problem

We asked an expert to comment on the situation in the entire industry. Bartłomiej Derski of stated that it was difficult to point out this particular case. for him So the comment relates to the general situation.

– It is a fact that Polish power plants have been struggling with coal shortages for several months, because already at the end of last year they used up huge reserves of fuel in dumps near mines and power units (created during the shutdown), without ordering a larger supply of more expensive imported coal. He adds that the shortage and low quality of the fuel supplied to the power units are already evident in the statistics.

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According to the expert, in the January-May period, according to data from the Energy Market Agency, the calorific value of coal burned at power plants was about 0.5 MJ / ton lower than in the corresponding period of the previous year, which is a significant change. – So you can see that – on average – across the country, boilers are getting poorer quality coal with more rocks. Was this the case of Jaorzno? I can’t say that, but you should also bear in mind RealityRafako and Torun are still at odds over the construction of this coal block. The case is currently under arbitration before the Attorney General of the Treasury. Therefore, I will treat such public accusations of one side of the conflict with extreme caution, says the expert.

Rafako and Torun – The feud has been going on for a long time

Reports of coal problems are not the first with regard to the block at Jaworzno. The investment was started in February 2020, but shortly thereafter had to suspend operations due to failure. said company president Jaroslav Domagalsky-Abędzki, citing ISB News Agency in September last year.

Torun notes that for several days he has been in talks with Rafako about possible mediation before the Public Prosecution Office. They will refer, inter alia, toin. Raising the bank guarantees from Ravako in the amount of PLN 600 million and changing the work schedule resulting from the previously concluded settlement.

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