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Is homeschooling the solution to overcrowded schools? –


The Ministry of Education and Science provides subsidies to non-public educational institutions. Meanwhile, local governments do not have the money to expand schools attended by an increasing number of children. More and more parents, seeing the problems of Polish education, decide to choose an alternative educational system.

At the conference on July 22, the Minister of Education, Przemyslav Czarnik Announced the transfer of 160 million PLN to non-governmental organizations and schools that do not belong to local governments. The funds will be used to promote sports, patriotism and new technologies in schools. One of the minister’s arguments for donating the money is the huge budget for state schools that these units can use.

while NIK Report Show that educational units financed by the local government have a problem in obtaining funds for larger investments, especially those of a constructional nature. The audit also revealed the problem of staff shortages. Teacher salaries are the biggest burden on the local government budget, despite the fact that they are still surprisingly low compared to the rest of Europe.

Public schools have also been assigned the responsibility of distance teaching. The new regulation obliges the school principal to continue teaching remotely if there is an epidemic threat.

School overcrowding and teacher shortage

Teachers in Poland suffer from low salaries and this translates into a shortage of staff. “The education system is severely underfunded, negatively affecting study and working conditions,” she wrote in a request for comment from the Global Political Network Foundation for comment. Magdalena Cassolanesa spokeswoman for the Polish Teachers’ Union.

From the new school year, children from Ukraine will go to Polish schools. “As teachers, we do not see any preparations and special programs from the Ministry of Education and Science that would contribute to a better education for refugee children in Polish schools,” the spokeswoman emphasized.

The representative of the Palestinian National Authority indicated that the Middle East Network supports the current rules regarding the increasing number of Ukrainian children in schools, for example increasing the allowed overtime hours.

“There are still no special programmes, books, textbooks and teaching materials for children from Ukraine who often do not speak Polish,” Kaszulanes noted.

Secondary schools, which must accommodate 4.5 years and 5.5 years of students in technical schools, are an additional problem. This situation is the result of the liquidation of middle schools and major changes in the Polish education system at the beginning of 2019/2020.

“We have more students, more assignments, the same amount of money to organize education and the same number of teachers,” a ZPN spokeswoman confirmed.

She added that the main assumption of the Palestinian National Authority is to increase educational support for 2022/2023, increase teachers’ salaries and regulate the legal status of Ukrainian children attending Polish schools.

Opportunity to make higher profits

Modify the teacher charter, which took effect in April 2022, provides for increases for teachers of 4.4 percent. Government and parliamentary work on promoting teachers has also begun. However, no specific solutions have emerged yet.

ZPN announced its readiness to negotiate with the President and Prime Minister. We want to talk widely about the very difficult situation in education. Data from monitoring offices show that more than 13,000 are missing. teachers. […]. what does that mean? That there are no teachers. According to our estimates, the number reaches 20,000. People, ”he said in an interview with the portal Swamier Bronnie’sZPN chief.

“There is also a need to monitor and draw conclusions from the reforms, with the participation of practitioners and practitioners working in the field of education,” he wrote in a request for comment for GPN, the independent union for education in Poland.

“We should strive to treat the school as an independent unit, where there is dialogue and respect for others, and building trust in the staff,” the commentary emphasized.

The government planned Subsequent changes to the teacher’s charter, incl. Increase the salaries of apprentices in order to prevent a situation in which they are paid less than the minimum wage in Poland.

Education needs to change

Compared to the European background, the salaries of Polish teachers are poor. Our country is located in fifth place from the end. in One-fifth of the European supplement Teachers get paid less than other employees with a college education.

Luxembourg is an exception to the average, where the salary is twice as high. Representatives of this profession in Portugal and Greece ranked lower. Poland positively It is characterized by age as the average age of teachers is lower than in other countries.

NZZOP emphasizes that Poland lacks qualified teachers with a comprehensive education. The educational offer available in universities is not able to meet the needs of the contemporary market.

Among MEiN’s recommendations, NZZOP clearly emphasized that the key was to separate politics from education. It is also worth considering the role of the board of trustees and local government.

“Currently we have a dual authority: local government as a funding body and supervisory oversight offices,” NZZOP wrote in a commentary. Educational institutions will function better if the policies that shape them are implemented at the local level.

alternative forms of education

Data from Poland’s Central Statistical Office as of 2021 shows that there are 7,183 non-public schools in Poland, representing more than 12 percent. All educational institutions. Schools must meet core curriculum requirements, and MEiN must approve the curriculum. One of the most common forms of non-public education in Poland are schools taught in the Montessori model. Some public institutions also use it.

In this model, education takes place at all levels of compulsory education, from kindergarten to high school.

In Montessori facilities, children usually work in small groups or on their own, and teachers are available to help. In contrast to the traditional model of teaching, there is a small age group in groups of about 3 years. Children themselves choose the things that interest them and deepen their knowledge. Teachers can help but they are not the main source of knowledge.

Non-public educational institutions cannot always prepare students for government examinations. In 2022, the Catholic High School in Tomaszów Mazowiecki, run by the Catholic Pedagogical Association in Mr. Padre Pio stated that none of the students had successfully passed the matriculation examination in full.

The level of education primarily depends on the institution. in the same townIn another Catholic high school, the pass rate for the matriculation examination was 100%.

In Poland, more and more parents are deciding to educate their children on their own through homeschooling. In 2019, data from the Department of Energy and Science indicated more than 12 thousand. Children study this way.

in the school year 2021/2022 19,000 people benefited from homeschooling students. Parents choose to educate their children at home for many reasons, mainly due to concern for the quality of education or the desire to impart appropriate values.

Maria Weskwhose children benefit from homeschooling, asserted in an interview with GPN that “there are many positives to homeschooling, from the normal things, such as getting enough sleep, to free time management and learning.”

The woman noticed that her children who learn in this system have no problems with social communication with other peers. He has a similar opinion Paulina Smit, as well as educating the child himself, who emphasized that “sitting in school has nothing to do with social contact.” “It’s like driving on a crowded tram,” she said.

Education for all

Older children also began to work for education. The Wyciskarka Potencjału Foundation was created to educate and inform other students about projects in which they can participate in order to develop.

its founder, Michaic Kouricic He repeatedly emphasized that the initiative was created because teachers often do not know or do not have the time to encourage students to take additional lessons and projects.

An NZZOP representative noted that alternative forms of education serve as a supplement to the formal education offer. “It is good that alternative schools are being established and are present in the educational system, but it is in no way a response to the education crisis,” the expert emphasizes. Additional forms of education should focus on teaching students in different ways to better impart knowledge.

Koursic He also noted that not all children have access to private or home education. This situation is caused by financial or place of residence problems.

“We must take care of the public education available to students of various physical, social and cultural statuses,” a NZZOP spokesperson emphasized. The interviewer noted that the multifaceted problem is not easy to solve. For politicians, positive changes in the education system should be one of the main goals.

“Education is primarily the economic and social development of the country and its citizens, and therefore must be treated as a priority,” the NZZOP representative summarized.

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