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Is it better to study exact sciences outside Poland? “I’d like to stay if we had more funding”

Is it better to study exact sciences outside Poland?  "I'd like to stay if we had more funding"

There is no shortage of talented young people in Poland – they can be seen in all kinds of Olympic Games, international competitions and other initiatives in which our compatriots regularly occupy leading positions. Unfortunately, not everything in our education system works perfectly – Maciej Kawecki spoke with his guests about the problems faced by the most ambitious students associated with science.

Some students, in order to be able to carry out their plans, have a choice – either give up their dreams or have to travel abroad. The latter often comes with a huge financial investment … not many people can afford it. Increasingly, they are turning to Internet users for help. Online fundraising is an alternative source of funding for people who represent the future of Polish science. Does it have to be this way?

You can listen to the episode above in audio version إصدار

You can watch the episode below In the video version:

The 22nd episode of Maciej Kawecki’s podcast lasts just over 19 minutes and has been part of a paid subscription to Komputer Świat and since the premiere. After purchasing the package, you will have access not only to all episodes of the podcast, but also to other closed content of the site – advanced hardware tests, guides and courses.

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