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Is it our duty to believe in the supposition of the Blessed Virgin Mary?

Is it our duty to believe in the supposition of the Blessed Virgin Mary?

The period from the middle of the nineteenth century, when Bl. Pius IX proclaimed the doctrine of the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary until the middle of the twentieth century, when Pius XII dogmatically confirmed the truth of her assumption, a time of tremendous flowering of Marian piety in the Church. As the Pope explained in the Apostolic Constitution generousThe Blessed Mother was exempted from the ordinary laws of death, because “by virtue of a very special privilege, she overcame sin with her immaculate rope, and therefore she is not subject to the law of dissolution in the grave, nor does she have to wait until the end of the world for the salvation of her body.”

“This privilege, as a result of the solemn proclamation of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Mother of God by the immortal remembrance of our predecessor Pius IX, shone with new splendor. ‘Because these two privileges are inextricably linked with each other,'” added Pius XII. Doctrine of the Immaculate Conception, demanded the Catholic clergy and people, as the Holy Father quotes, from the successor of St. Peter. Peter to define the teaching on the Assumption.

God’s universal will

This joint move to persuade the Vicar of Christ to proclaim the doctrine of the Assumption of the Virgin shows the prospects and desires of contemporary Catholics, how to live the faith, how to follow dogmas, the truth of the mysteries of God, and the love of holy hearts. For Jesus and Mary. “Thus, when it was solemnly declared that the Virgin Mary, from the very first moment of her existence, was free from hereditary contamination, the souls of the faithful believers were moved by a strong hope that soon the highest authority in the Church would proclaim the doctrine of the assumption of the Virgin by the body.” The Holy Father mentions thousands of petitions on this issue. that fell into his hands when he took the papal throne.

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By issuing an infallible judgment from the throneThe venerable servant of God Pius XII presented the long and complicated way which led him to ensure that what he declares is the revealed truth contained in Church Tradition, with the help of the Holy Spirit “after prayer. God’s faithfulness” which sets this divine teaching free from all error and all inaccuracy.

The announcement of the doctrine of the Assumption of the Virgin in the body to the Virgin Mary was preceded by in-depth studies conducted by Catholic clergy and lay people around the world, which led to several Marian conferences, which allowed to verify that the doctrine of the Assumption of the Virgin is not. A new science, but it is found in the deposit of faith. Having said this, Pius XII assured himself of the universality of the cult of the Virgin Mary, and asked all the bishops of the world on the subject of the doctrine he intended to proclaim.

The assumption is confirmed by the deposit of faith

Evidence for this permanent and universal conviction, transmitted by the apostolic tradition and testified by the teaching of the Church Fathers and scholars, that the Immaculate Virgin Mary is completely free from sin, which led to the death and degeneration of the body, were many. Manifestations of spirituality and piety, starting with works of art and sacred buildings dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin, passing through religious communities bearing the name of the Assumption of the Virgin, until the prayer of the rosary, where one of the sacraments considered is the miraculous conditions of worship. The end of the earthly journey undertaken by the Blessed Mother.

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The truth of faith approved by the Vicar of Christ was finally expressed in the liturgy, which – according to the testimony of tradition – was already celebrated in the times of Christian antiquity, when the beginning of the Feast of the Assumption of the Virgin should be seen. “In the liturgical books that mention this feast as “sleeping” or “taking up Saint Mary,” there are terms that agree that when the Blessed Virgin, Theotokos, passed from earthly exile to heaven, her holy body was by the will of God’s providence, she experienced what corresponds to the dignity of the Mother. The Pope wrote the words of the Incarnate and the other privileges granted to them.

Among the quotes confirming belief in the hypothesis, Pius XII quoted the words of the saint. Alphonsus Maria Liguori: “Jesus did not want the body of Mary to be decomposed after death, for it would be an insult to him if her body of the Virgin, from whom he himself had taken the body, rots,” as the saint said. John of Damascene in explaining the doctrine of the Ascension: “It was necessary that she who gave birth to her virginity intact, and that she also preserve her body without any contamination even after death. It was necessary that the one who bore the Creator in her womb as a child should remain in the sanctuaries of God. It was necessary that The bride, who was married to the Father, lives in the heavenly chambers. It was necessary to see that she who saw her Son on the cross and suffered the blow of the sword of sorrow in her heart, avoiding it during childbirth, to see the same Son sitting with the Father. It was necessary for the Mother of God to have what belongs to the Son and to be honored by all creation as the Mother of God and the servant at the same time.”

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Definition of creed

After a broad historical and doctrinal introduction, the Pope defined the doctrine:

For this reason, having brought to God frequent supplications and invoked the lights of the Spirit of Truth, to the glory of Almighty God, who bestowed his special grace on the Virgin Mary, in honor of his Son, the immortal King of the ages, the conqueror of sin and death, to increase the glory of the Mother of this Son, for the joy and joy of the whole Church With the celebration of our Lord Jesus Christ, the holy apostles Peter and Paul and us, we proclaim, explain and define it as a doctrine revealed by God for heavenly glory.”

In defining the doctrine of the supposition as revealed truth, the Pope added that “who [by]God forbid, he has voluntarily dared what we have made known to contradict or doubt, let him know that he has deviated completely from the divine and Catholic faith, Peter and Paul.”

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