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Is it worth buying an Xbox Series S with an Xbox One X?

Is it worth buying an Xbox Series S with an Xbox One X?

Microsoft has its own publishing policy. He created a whole segment of consoles that can play practically the same games, no matter what hardware you own. On the other hand, it’s a great value for first Xbox One buyers from 2013. On the other hand, this console is clearly sick and its purchase is pointless today. Even for PLN 300 or 400, I would not be happy with such a device. However, it is different when we can get the Xbox One X at an attractive price. It’s still a very good high-power console that lets you play most titles in 4K. However, is it worth investing in an Xbox Series X with slightly older hardware?

The Xbox Series S has at least some things the Xbox One X won’t offer

The cheapest console from Microsoft costs about PLN 1349 today. That’s a very attractive amount for the “next generation”, as we’ll be shooting all the latest productions, some up to 60fps. It’s worth noting that Xbox Series X/S is based on the same architecture and no matter what platform you choose, we’ll play the same games with the only differences in resolution and frame rate. Both Series S and Series X models use the same processor, only the weaker hardware has lower clock speeds. Plus, the cheaper console has a smaller amount of RAM and half an SSD drive. The Xbox Series S also has a much weaker graphics chip, which will allow you to run 4K resolution, but most productions work at 1080p and sometimes – 1440p. This is a dream device for owners of FullHD TVs or monitors with a diagonal of 27 or 32 inches.

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The biggest problem with the Xbox Series S is the lack of an optical drive. We must bear in mind that this device is primarily intended to play the games included in the Xbox Game Pass (In the Ultimate version, it costs PLN 4 for three months in the promotional offer or PLN 54 / month at the regular price). Thanks to this, XSS works practically silently. The equipment is beautiful and compact and fits practically anywhere in our TV cabinet. I can honestly admit that there is no nicer console than the next generation. Microsoft has also used different color versions to make it easier to distinguish the “successors” of the current Xbox One. The white S series is the successor to the One S, and the black series X is the successor to the One X, which should look completely natural.

Xbox Series S worse than Xbox One X? In many ways, not necessarily

That doesn’t mean, however, that by owning an Xbox One X, we shouldn’t invest in an Xbox Series S. Sooner or later the new build will allow you to enjoy the latest games that are coming next year. The last production available on older Microsoft consoles should be Halo Infinite. I don’t think Forza Horizon 5 or Gears 6 will land on Xbox One S, but we’ll only find out after the upcoming E3 (next Sunday, Microsoft conference at 19:00!). The Xbox Series S will run much smoother and faster than the Xbox One X, because it is equipped with an SSD, which in itself changes the comfort of operating the console. Like the Xbox Series X, it supports Quick Resume, Ray-Tracing, 120fps, variable rate shaders, and the much-touted Xbox Velocity technology.

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Although the strength of XSS is 4 TFLOPS, and XOX is about 6 TFLOPs, due to the significant changes in architecture, the weaker and smaller next-generation Xbox is not much different from the performance of its bigger brother. Furthermore, the Xbox Series S. Powered by the revolutionary AMD FidelityFX technologyWhich remains, among other things will respond to NVIDIA DLSS, that is, subtly lower the displayed resolution, and then intelligently upgrade to save system resources. It is also a dedicated development toolkit. It will allow you to significantly increase the number of frames. So far, when I look at how XSS games work, I can find some very attractive examples – Assassin’s Creed Valhalla after patch 1.0.4. In performance mode, it runs in dynamic 1080p resolution with support for 60 frames per second. This makes a great impression on me and gives me hope that we will also launch Halo Infinite in similar circumstances, perhaps with ray tracing support, which the Xbox One X will no longer offer. Furthermore, backward compatibility works brilliantly on Xbox Series S hardware, including the ability to run games in “FPS Boost” mode, which Increases the number of frames up to 60.

Sooner or later owners of older Microsoft devices will have to make that choice. In my opinion, it is much better to invest in a newer architecture and hardware with an SSD drive. Unfortunately, the displayed resolution will suffer mainly. Going from 4K to 1080p can be too painful for some, even if we’re playing at 60fps. The lack of an optical drive also leads to a lot of trouble, which is why the Xbox Series S has been targeted to a very specific and conscious audience. If we just wanted to play the latest games from Microsoft, multiplatform games and the vast majority of us would rely on the Xbox Game Pass, then the smaller console for Americans would be a bit too attractive. Other than that, it’s better to invest in an Xbox Series X. It’s more powerful, bigger, quieter, but a lot uglier. However, both devices support the same accessories, offering support for Dolby Atmos, Dolby Vision, and an HDR display. The Xbox Series S is also a dream device for kids just entering the console world.

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