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Is standing upright healthy? This pose is called the queen of asanas – straight health

Is standing upright healthy?  This pose is called the queen of asanas - straight health

Shirshasana is one of the most important yoga poses. She is called the queen of asanas for a reason. It’s about standing on your head with only your arms.

Is standing on his head safe?

Not everyone should do this exercise. Standing on the head is not recommended for people with high blood pressure, some diseases of the spine or poor blood clotting. It is also not recommended for pregnant women.

Simply standing on your head is a safe and rewarding pose. Beginnings can be difficult, so it is worth starting by standing with your head against a wall – this will allow you to feel confident in this position, without worrying that you will lose your balance and fall. Exercises that are done systematically will have you standing on your head over time without having to bend yourself against a wall.

What are the benefits of standing on your head?

Standing the head strengthens the whole body. The catch is that when you stand on your head, the blood bleeds downward, which leads to better blood flow to the internal organs, including the brain. Regular repetition of this exercise improves concentration, supplies the body with oxygen, and thus can help fight insomnia and weak immunity. And standing on the head is also useful for beauty, more precisely for the skin of the face, which is better supplied with blood and elasticity.

There are many ways to stand on your head. If you are confident in the basic form of this exercise, you can try different arm and leg positions: for example, standing on your head with one leg lowered to the side, or standing on your head with your legs wide apart.

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