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Is studying just learning? Find out about additional development opportunities at the university!

Is studying just learning?  Find out about additional development opportunities at the university!

Graduating from high school and starting school is a new stage in everyone’s life. When you start your first year at university, you need to be independent in gaining knowledge and organizing time after classes. In addition to participating in traditional lectures, trainings, or conservatories, students can develop their passions and interests by undertaking additional forms of non-educational development.

Student Council

Student government is one of the organizations that has an impact on what happens at the university. It can consist of any student at a particular institution. The main task of the organization is to look after the interests of the student community, to represent it before the authorities and to present projects. Local government works in the field of cultural, recreational, social and livelihood affairs. Engaging in her work is a great opportunity to gain new experiences and improve your own competencies, but also to pursue your passion. As part of projects, you can collaborate with many people and learn to work in a group despite disagreements. Activity in organization structures helps to establish valuable relationships that may be beneficial after graduation. People who want to occupy management positions in enterprises and offices in the future, for example students project management.

Scientific circles

Another initiative geared towards active students is the University Research Clubs. Their goal is to initiate and develop students’ interests as well as to broaden and deepen knowledge in a particular field. Student clubs bring together, on a voluntary basis, ambitious and creative people interested in similar topics, so that together they can create something more than just university projects. Scientific clubs operate in all public and private universities. Some universities even subscribe to dozens of organizations like this, for example Krakow University of Economics Where there are more than 40 of them! Krakow University of Economics is the largest economic university in Poland. Students of this university have a very wide range of specializations, the programs of which fully justify and satisfy the needs of the labor market. Of course, you can study economics, but also engineering, law and even information technology. Highly attractive and empowering participation in the activities of science clubs, among others, has long been popular International relations And the city ​​studiesproposing an innovative multidisciplinary approach to the issue of urban areas.

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Student sports associations

Members of the student community can not only attend lectures and develop scientific interests, but can also participate in the activities of the Academic Sports Association, in short AZS, which operates in most universities. The Federation offers students a wide range of different physical activities that can be practiced under the supervision of professional trainers. AZS organizes trainings, camps and competitions in various disciplines in the inter-university league. By becoming a member of the club, you can train, for example, swimming, handball, futsal, table tennis, badminton, rowing, horseback riding and mountain biking. As part of AZS, students actively pursue their passion and achieve success in the competitions in which they are entitled. In addition, the AZS card allows you to take advantage of discounts and benefits intended only for members of the association. Academic sports club activities are run by almost every university in the country. This applies to both public and private universities.

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