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Is the Lukashenka system preparing a new transit route? ‘Borders will not be any barrier’

Nowy szlak przerzutowy ma prowadzić przez Ukrainę (fot. Mikhail Svetlov/Getty Images)

The construction of barbed wire on the Polish-Belarus border may not stop the flow of illegal immigrants. In an interview with Fakt, the former Belarusian policeman, Alexander Azarau, spoke about this. In his opinion, the Belarusian services are already using the route through Ukraine. About this scenario and the use of so-called D books in 2017 Witold Repetowicz.

Cover-21. Soldiers of the territorial defense forces began exercises on the border with Belarus

Selected brigades of the territorial defense forces began exercises “Cover-21” on the eastern border of Poland. Soldiers will serve until the end of the year…

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The army and border guards are increasingly arresting groups of migrants sent by the Belarusian services. Therefore, a new transit route was developed in Minsk. As Alyaksandr Azarau says, once in the services of Lukashenka, the road is to drive, among other things from the Bieszczady Mountains ”- informs“ Fakt ”.

The Lukashenka regime wants to use those least guarded borders. Azarao warns that the Belarusian border guards have begun transporting foreigners to the Belarus-Ukrainian border. The first groups of immigrants appeared near Gomel, with the aim of reaching Ukraine, from where they intend to reach Poland, and to the West.

About the launch of the so-called on the Ukrainian road, Witold Repetovich, journalist, lawyer and analyst specializing in Middle East affairs, wrote on Twitter. Ukrainian road will be launched soon. The Ukraine-Belarus border will not be a barrier,” he wrote on Twitter, recalling his analysis of four years ago.

What is weapon D?

In a lengthy analysis from 2017, Rebitovich suggested that Russia could use a so-called D weapon, or demographic weapon.

“Using the wave of migrants as a mechanism to destabilize Europe and pressure it in order to obtain certain political and economic concessions was implemented in 2015 by Turkey. Since Turkish special services can transport migrants to the Aegean coast and make it easier for them to charter boats for their sailing to Europe, the Russian services will also be able to stimulate such a human influx,” Ribetovich wrote.

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Stimulating the flow of refugees or migrants from Central Asia and the Caucasus towards the Polish border would be only the first part of the plan. He warned that the second stage would lead to riots in Poland.


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