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Is USB-C Charger Standard in the US?

Is USB-C Charger Standard in the US?

In the EU, there will be a variety of chargers for phones, tablets and all kinds of electronic devices. This is USB-C. After years of stormy talk, analysis and debate, MPs decided to integrate the quality of chargers into wallets and for the convenience of customers, so far many devices have had to use different variants. In Europe, one type – the aforementioned USB-C – will be on sale from 2024, and now politicians from Washington want to decide on a similar move.

A specific move

In a letter to US Secretary of Commerce Gina Raymond, Capital Senators wrote:

We call [Was] Coordinate with Department of Commerce offices and agencies to develop a comprehensive plan to protect consumers and the environment by addressing the lack of a common U.S. charging standard. “EU law comes into force in the fall of 2024. All small and medium-sized electronic devices use a USB-C charging port, which includes all smartphones, tablets, portable speakers, e-readers, portable game consoles, cameras, headphones and laptops, but also laptops. After 40 months. The Secretary of Commerce has not yet responded to the senators’ appeal.

Why USB-C?

For most manufacturers, the need to use USB-C is not a barrier. Android smartphones, power banks, most devices are already charged via this port. This change will have a huge impact on Apple, which so far uses its own communication and charging port – Lightning. The company is already testing USB-C on iPhones – of which the USB-C connector will be the standard in Europe.

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