September 23, 2021

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Isabella Kona appeared without a bra.  "You act on my imagination"

Isabella Kona appeared without a bra. “You act on my imagination”

Isabella Kona Win the hearts of fans with expressive creations in “to ligdes” I “colors of happinessThe actress often shows a great distance towards herself, posting funny and daring entries on social media.

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star it Last year I turned 50 newly I went with Marek Mudzilowski to Hot Andalusia. The actress regularly documented her stay in Spain on Instagram. They got online More and more brave frames. One of them especially pleased fans of Iza Kona.

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Isabella Kona appeared topless. “You got yours and showed the world your bare things…”

Isabella Kona wanted to spend the last days of her vacation in hot Spain, which when we look out the window in Poland turns out to be a great idea. star Boldly conquer the web without a bra against the background of emerald sea waves. His description has also been a success, exceptionally entertaining Internet users.

Lutka made pasta with olive oil and a bottle of white wine, finally Denka came and said you are old Rachel and you should stay in the ocean to scare the goblins. Grandma Anila threw a crystal on it with candy and vodka, and Danka with the keys to the cellar. Then it was reported that the police came, but these crazy girls turned on Anna Jantar and sang topless »will be mine«. If you’re going to give me colostrum in America at my wedding, don’t come. I miss you pig! Your sister Teresa ”- we read further in the description.

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It’s clear that Isa Kona’s amusing words refer to the heroine of her latest book. The actress is also the author of the popular series of books about “Clara”.

Fans were delighted with the sense of humor and the perfect figure of Isabella Kona.

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