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ISIS elements return to Germany. “Biggest job like this”

ISIS elements return to Germany.  "Biggest job like this"

In the middle of the last decade, more than 1,000 people from Germany left the country to join the so-called terrorist militia. The Islamic State in Syria and Iraq. About a quarter of them are women.

The German government has now brought 8 women and 23 children from northeastern Syria. Most recently, they were in the Roj prisoner of war camp under Kurdish administration. But in Germany, too, most of them are not free.

According to German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas, a chartered plane with a group of these women and children landed at Frankfurt am Main Airport on Wednesday evening. The women will now have to hold the German judiciary accountable for their actions. Most of them were arrested upon arrival in Germany. An arrest warrant has already been issued for six of them, three of which were issued by the German Prosecutor’s Office.

Germany organized this work in cooperation with Denmark, which brought 3 women and 14 children from Syria. According to the German Foreign Ministry, the United States provided logistical assistance to Germany and Denmark.

Minister Maas thanked the United States and Denmark as well as the Kurdish local government in northeastern Syria for their assistance.

– Not only for us, but for all participants, this work was associated with great effort – emphasized the head of German diplomacy.

Children take no responsibility for the situation they find themselves in. Therefore, it is right that we do everything we can to ensure their lives in safety and in a good environment – emphasized Heiko Maas.

According to the German Foreign Ministry statement, German children who have been repatriated constitute “cases which, according to local authorities, should be subject to special protection”. These are children who are sick or have caregivers in Germany, as well as siblings and mothers.

According to the weekly Der Spiegel, the women between the ages of 30 and 38 stayed with their children in a refugee camp, in some cases for years.

This is not the first measure by the German government to bring in women who in the past went to the so-called Islamic state. According to the daily Bild, it was the largest act of this kind to date. In the past, many women who joined the militia of this organization were brought to justice after returning to the country on charges of terrorism and other acts in violation of German law.

The Polish editorial office of Deutsche Welle

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