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It caused a huge commotion in the delivery room. One midwife was unable to deliver the baby

It caused a huge commotion in the delivery room.  One midwife was unable to deliver the baby

When Alpha was born, she caused quite a stir in the delivery room. The boy weighed six and a half kilograms and became the third largest newborn in the UK. How does it look after a year?

I gave birth to a huge baby (Facebook)

1. She gave birth to a giant baby

Before Alpha was born, Cheryl Mitchell was already the mother of three children: Leon, Rogue Angel and Twilly Bay. The 31-year-old wasn’t planning on expanding the family again, so decided to set up contraceptive device.

However, fate had other plans for her – after a few months she again saw two lines on the test.

Cheryl knew from the start that her baby wouldn’t be among the youngest because of that Her stomach was much larger than in previous pregnancies.

Alpha was born on October 28, 2021 at John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford. It was so big that two doctors had to give birth. It became very popular among midwives and soon became known as “the hippopotamus”.

He weighed nearly six and a half kilograms. It was huge. After giving birth, he wore clothes intended for babies who are already a few months old – the 31-year-old recalls.

2. The third oldest baby born in the UK

alpha Welcome The third oldest newborn in the history of Great Britain. The undisputed record holder by birth weight is Jay Carr, who He was born in 1992, and weighs more than seven kilograms.

It’s been over a year since Alpha was born. The child is developing properly and his mother believes that he is slowly losing weight.

– It no longer looks so big. Admittedly, he lost quite a bit of weight. It is definitely unique. We love him so much, Cherral says.

The UK's third oldest newborn baby is now 1 year old

The UK’s third oldest newborn baby is now 1 year old (Facebook)

3. What should be the body weight of the newborn?

Is my baby too small?? Or maybe Boy is overweight? New mothers sometimes ask such questions.

Research shows that the majority of newborns (about 95%) weigh between 2,800 and 3,800 grams.

newborn body weight Depends on many factors, incl. From hereditary diseases, the course of pregnancy, and the occurrence of any pregnancy complaints.

The weight of the child after birth is affected, for example, by the diet of a pregnant woman and physical activity during pregnancy. If a woman eats for two and leads a less active lifestyle, then the birth weight of the baby may be higher than normal.

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