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It is called the “40-year-old’s disease”. Time really matters here – Zdrowie Wprost

It is called the "40-year-old's disease".  Time really matters here - Zdrowie Wprost

Devic’s disease (NMOSD) is caused by a malfunction of the immune system, which attacks its own tissues, causing inflammation of the spinal cord and optic nerves. The disease can lead to blindness and muscle paralysis. Therefore, it is important to detect the disease early.

Early symptoms of Divic syndrome

Devic syndrome is sometimes confused with the onset of multiple sclerosis. This has to do with symptoms such as:

  • muscle weakness
  • Painful muscle spasms
  • limb paralysis or paralysis,
  • sensory disturbances
  • loss of feeling
  • visual acuity disorders,
  • blindness.

Women get sick more often

Women suffer from Divic syndrome ten times more often than men. It is estimated that Devika syndrome affects 0.5-4.4 per 100,000 people, and for 40 people with multiple sclerosis (MS), there is 1 Devika patient. For many years, Divic syndrome was treated as one of the types of this disease. The disease was first described by French physicians: Eugene Davic and Fernand Gault in 1894.

Divic syndrome can also appear at a later age

In 30 percent, symptoms of the disease do not appear until the age of 50. The disease is slightly different in this age group than in younger patients. Disease progression is faster and these patients are at particular risk of developing disability. The response to treatment may also be lower in older patients, which may be due to decreased immune system function.

Diagnosis of Devika Syndrome

If Devic syndrome is suspected, diagnostic tests are necessary to differentiate Devic’s disease from multiple sclerosis. In multiple sclerosis, changes are observed in the brain, and in Devic syndrome, these changes occur in the spinal cord. This is important because some medications used to treat MS can worsen NMOSD. One of the most important of these factors is the MRI.

Divic’s disease treatment

Devic’s disease progresses dynamically and is usually violent. More than half of patients lose their sight and the ability to move independently within 5 years of onset of symptoms. Therefore, it is important to diagnose and treat it as soon as possible. Rapidly implemented treatment greatly improves prognosis. Specialists explain that treatment with glucocorticoids and physical rehabilitation.

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