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It is not an American soldier. The resident of Biz lost 160,000

Na policję w Piszu w woj. warmińsko-mazurskim zgłosiła się mieszkanka miasta informując, że została oszukana przez amerykańskiego żołnierza. Kobieta miała dostać paczkę z pieniędzmi. Zamiast dodatkowych dolarów straciła swoje złotówki - aż 160 tysięcy.

To the police in Biz., In the province. A resident of the city came to the Warmion-Mussoorie Voivodeship and reported that he had been deceived by an American soldier. The woman was about to receive a package of cash. In exchange for the extra dollars, he lost his zloty – up to 160,000.

A few months ago On a social networking site, a woman was about to meet someone claiming to be an American soldier On a mission in Yemen. After a period of introduction, when the soldier had already gained the confidence of a resident of Biz, he asked her for a favor. It was like sending a parcel with money to her address. He explained that there was no family or friends to send her. The woman agreed to help a friend.

Once the parcel has already been posted, A message came from the courier company that he had to deposit 2,450 euros in a specific account.. The resident of Biz paid the required amount, which he reported to the American soldier. He reassured her and explained that she would be reimbursed with the money in the package at any cost.

That girl after a while Received a second message from the courier company regarding the need to pay EUR 10,500 to verify the data.. The next required fee is 7,000 euros and another amount is 15,000 euros, which is ordered including the fee. Customs and counter-terrorism security. In this way The Biz resident made four transfers for EUR 34,950 or PLN 160,000.

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The woman complained to the police when she received another message from the courier company that the package had been opened at the border and contained a large sum of money. So, still have to pay EUR 25,000 tax. Then the resident of Biz realized that she had fallen victim to a fraudster and lost considerable money.

The seniors lost money again. The fraudsters pretended to be policemen

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