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It is not the family that helps in the hospital, but the people – the government announces the modernization of hospitals and doctors are responding – Zedroi

It is not the family that helps in the hospital, but the people - the government announces the modernization of hospitals and doctors are responding - Zedroi

The government has announced that it intends to modernize, not close, hospitals. Paramedics respond that you need to invest in human resources.

– I would like to emphasize that, contrary to Marshal Grodzky’s plans, we will not close hospitals – Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said at Tuesday’s conference. He recalled the words of Senate Marshall A. Tomas Grodzki, who on Saturday, during Campus Polska Przyszość, gave an example of the healthcare system in Denmark, where only 16 hospitals operate out of 5.8 million citizens. – There are too many hospitals in Poland, almost a thousand, and if we follow the example of Denmark, there should be 130 – said Marshal Grodzki. The media, however, received information that Prof. Grodzki, and thus KO, wants to liquidate district hospitals. And although the Marshal himself denied this news, the Prime Minister emphasized that the government’s plan for clinics is completely different.

– Today we have 575 government hospitals, including 301 hospitals with deaths. We want to modernize them, not close them, as the opposition wants, claiming that 130 institutions are enough, Mateusz Morawiecki said during the press conference. He added that thanks to the significant increase in healthcare spending in the coming years, hospitals are waiting for modernization.

– We are setting up a fund of 7 billion PLN for the modernization of hospitals, for example by replacing 90 thousand zlotys. Beds for 7 thousand patients. A bed in intensive care departments or the purchase of 400 modern ambulances – announced. He added that it must be remembered that it is not the equipment that heals, but the staff, so “by increasing wages and working conditions, we want to improve the quality of the entire health service and the appropriate level of patient care.”

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– The idea of ​​developing hospitality in Poland is not just about investing in infrastructure. We approach improving the quality and accessibility of healthcare services in the spirit of the Responsible Development Strategy. We will also invest in human resources – promised in turn by Health Minister Adam Nidzelsky.

He added that the government is investing in human resources, including providing preferential student loans to future doctors that can be recovered later. The prime minister added that the government’s goal from the start was a “dignity revolution in health care”.

– This is a mockery – say members of the National Health Care Protest and Strike Committee, who announced a massive protest of medical workers in Warsaw on September 11. In this way, they want to oppose the conditions of work and treatment in Polish hospitals and clinics. They are also protesting against the new wage scale introduced in the amendment of the Law on Minimum Wages in Public Health, which was not agreed upon with the medical trade unions (specialist doctors received an increase of PLN 19 in total per month).

– The Minister of Health forgot once again that the most important thing in the hospital is the current working staff of doctors, nurses, paramedics, technicians, diagnostic specialists and non-medical workers. Treatment requires people who will work for appropriate funds, so that patients receive the best care, says Dr. Renata Florec-Chemiuska of the Society of Scalpel Surgeons.

Source: Rzeczpospolita

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