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It is not true that ketchup is unhealthy. Contains valuable lycopene

Likopen w sosie pomidorowym

Ketchup is often not considered a valuable food. completely wrong. This popular and versatile addition to many dishes contains a valuable ingredient derived from tomatoes: lycopene. Of course, only if the selected ketchup contains a large amount of tomatoes.

  1. What is lycopene?

  2. What products contain lycopene?

  3. Why do processed tomatoes contain more lycopene than fresh tomatoes?

  4. What are the properties of lycopene?

As a rule, specialists recommend eating vegetables in the least processed form, preferably raw. This is because even pre-processed products, such as slicing or shredding, and certainly heat-treated (such as stewing, stewing, and baking), usually contain smaller amounts of health-beneficial ingredients than their fresh counterparts. It is primarily about vitamins and minerals. The opposite is true for tomatoes and lycopene – processed tomatoes contain more lycopene than fresh tomatoes.

What is lycopene?

Lycopene belongs to the carotenoids, that is, the natural pigments found in plants. It gives them a red or orange color. It plays an important role in
The human immune system. Lycopene is a powerful antioxidant and can prevent serious diseases, including heart disease and cancer. The human body cannot produce it on its own, so it is worth regularly providing it from the outside.

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What products contain lycopene?

The most common source of lycopene is tomatoes and canned foods — it’s not without reason that we associate lycopene with them. However, the list of products containing lycopene is longer. Products that are a good source of lycopene include:

Fat increases the absorption of lycopene (a fat-soluble substance), so it is worth adding a little olive oil or any other good quality fat to tomato dishes.

Why do processed tomatoes contain more lycopene than fresh tomatoes?

Lycopene occurs in tomatoes with other compounds – so it is difficult to access and less absorbed by the human body. Processing tomatoes causes lycopene to be released, thanks to tomato preparations that have a higher lycopene content than raw materials. So let’s eat: tomato soup, tomato sauces, tomato juice, tomato puree and concentrates. However, it is more difficult with ketchup – because if it contains lycopene, then it should be the most natural product, with a high content of tomatoes. It should not contain
Large amounts of salt and sugar should be restricted in the diet as well as additives. Therefore, ketchup should be the main source of lycopene in the diet.

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What are the properties of lycopene?

Lycopene is a substance that has many health-promoting properties. Among the whole group of carotenoids, lycopene has the strongest antioxidant properties, that is, it fights free radicals. It has been proven in scientific studies that lycopene:

It is estimated that in order to provide the body with a satisfactory dose of lycopene, you should eat during the day, for example, two large tomatoes, drink one glass of tomato juice or half a glass of tomato soup.

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The above advice cannot replace a visit to a specialist. Remember that in case of any health problems, consult a doctor.

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