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It is sensational in Russia. The famous trainer’s daughter fled to America

It is sensational in Russia.  The famous trainer's daughter fled to America

After Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, Russian athletes were unable to participate in many important sporting events. Some of them decide to change federation and represent another country. Dual-citizen figure skater Diana Davis is no different. The American-born player decided to go abroad with his partner Gleb Smolkin. The problem is that Davis is the daughter of Eteri Dutberits, the coaching legend of Russian skating. So a huge corruption broke out in the country.

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Eteri Tutberidze in Russia is a legend chosen by her daughter America

Tutberidze is famous for its controversial training methods and “strong hands” rule. For example, during the Beijing Olympics, he showed it after losing the competition of individual competitors. The 15-year-old heroine of the doping scandal – Kamila Valijeva. However, the Russians didn’t care. The coach has been so successful that he has earned a legendary status in the country. Dudbridge has coached medal winners at past Olympic Games: singles champion, Anna Shcherbakova, runner-up Alexandra Druzova, and silver sports pair: Ekaterina Tarasova and Vladimir Morozov. Alina Zakhidova, the champion from Pyongyang, was also her mentor.

According to Skating Lessons, her daughter, Davis, has joined the US Federation and will try to represent the United States on the international stage. The 19-year-old will compete in the duet competition with Gleb Smolkin. So far, this couple can not boast of big successes. At the Olympics in Beijing, he came 14th. However, the level of play recedes into the background. The decision of the daughter of such a great figure to flee to the United States sparked a wave of outrage.

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Davis and Smolkin will not participate in the official trials with the participation of Russia’s representatives in figure skating in Moscow on September 24 and 25. Instead, they must appear in the American Challenge Cup, a form of qualification for the local national team.

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