July 27, 2021

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IT profits continue to grow. This is best shown in the cybersecurity industry

According to the service report No Fluff . JobsThe demand for online security professionals has increased dramatically. As per the platform that deals with job offers in the IT industry, they can count on high earnings.

with his predecessor

The portal decided to summarize the first half of this year and check how the pandemic has affected the labor market in the IT industry. Recent reports clearly indicate that wages are rising across the industry. People in smaller positions can also count on small increases.

employment problem? Not in IT

While in other industries, the epidemic could have strongly left its mark, information technology clearly shows that the demand for experts is not decreasing. The gradual computerization of many systems and the increasing popularity of remote work for the benefit of people looking for a job in the field of information technology.

Chosen professions, such as the cyber security specialists mentioned above, can count on the highest salaries for people working in other jobs. However, this is due to the aforementioned necessity of moving business to the network, which was a big surprise for many companies. So far, desk-oriented companies have had to accelerate digitization. From this perspective, it is not surprising that there has been an increase in job advertisements in this sector.


The salary is not small

In addition to cybersecurity professionals, the industry is clearly feeling the need for AI experts. They can count on payment of up to about PLN 19,000 gross in the case of working under an employment contract or PLN 23,000 net as part of the inter-company cooperation.

No Fluff Jobs has also drawn attention to DevOps specialists who have always been in high demand in the market. In their case, the maximum possible profit was PLN 22,000 net for inter-company cooperation and PLN 18,000 total for the employment contract.

The position of the junior in the field of information technology is improving.  Their profits have increased in recent months

The position of the junior in the field of information technology is improving. Their profits have increased in recent months


Experts wanted

In addition to the specialists mentioned above, the industry is clearly feeling the need for other specialists as well. The leaders of the best-paid employees in the industry also include people who deal with issues such as business intelligence, big data, and mobile. Also programmers, both those who deal with back-end and the so-called Fullstack, have a good chance of paying more than PLN 20,000 net (B2B).

Interestingly, a significant salary increase has been recorded for the position of project managers and UX designers. In the first case, salaries increased, compared to the previous year, by up to 33 percent (with intercompany cooperation) or by 25 percent with an employment contract. On the other hand, UX players have seen spreads increase by 25 percent for B2B and 12.5 percent for UoP.