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It will take almost a year to repair the Crimean bridge. Complications of the Russian army

It will take almost a year to repair the Crimean bridge.  Complications of the Russian army

As reported in the Daily Intelligence Update, Russian efforts to repair the Crimean bridge continue, but Somewhat possibleThat’s it Fully operational as soon as possible before September 2023.

8 November Road Bridge It was about to closeTo allow the relocation and installation of a replacement 64m space, and to replace the damaged sections of the road crossing, three more extensions will be required.

Although Crimean officials have said that these additional bays will arrive by December 20, the information has been released to Russian President Vladimir Putin He added that work on the second road will cause traffic disruptions until March 2023.

However, the repair of the damaged railway bridge is contracted until September 2023 The Russian Deputy Prime Minister stated that this deadline will be accelerated. One lane is open, but rail transport is still limited.

“Therapeutic measures will be largely Subject to weather conditions in the winter months. The attack on the Crimean Bridge disrupted Russian logistical supplies to Crimea and southern Ukraine, limiting Russia’s ability to move military equipment and troops into the region by rail or road. “The damage to the bridge, the recent attack on the Black Sea Fleet in Sevastopol and the possible withdrawal of Russian forces from Kherson complicate the ability of the Russian government to talk about military success,” she added.

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