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Italia. He killed a Nigerian with his bare hands. Passers-by recorded the accident, but no one intervened world News

Italia.  He killed a Nigerian with his bare hands.  Passers-by recorded the accident, but no one intervened  world News

On July 29, in Civitanova Marche we Italian The province of Macerata (Marche region) was brutally murdered. A 32-year-old white man from Campania pounced on a 39-year-old Nigerian and began to strangle him. None of the assembled stopped the attacker, and some scored the attack.

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Italia. A 39-year-old man was killed in broad daylight in the city center, and no one responded

According to the Italian daily,Corriere della Sera“The accident happened on Friday afternoon in the city center. 32-year-old Italian Filippo Ferlazzo ran to 39-year-old Alica Ogorchoco, took a bullet from him, and then hit him with it. Nigerian He fell, and the attacker pinned him to his body and hit him with his bare hands. Shocked spectators stopped on a busy street, but no one succeeded in preventing the tragedy. Italian Hit Nigerian to death.

Then Ferlazzo took the 39-year-old’s cell phone and ran away. However, he was quickly caught by the police. What is the reason for the aggression attack on the young man? According to police reports, the Nigerian requested an accomplice after obtaining witness reports Italia about alms. Initial rumors that Ogorchoko was flirting with a woman were denied.

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Italia. Protests after the killing of a Nigerian

The entire incident was recorded by surveillance cameras, as well as by witnesses of the accident who recorded it with their mobile phones. On the recordings, shouts are heard: “Stop, that’s enough! You’ll kill him!” However, it was not noticed that anyone was trying to distract the attacker. Ferlazzo was arrested on suspicion of murder and robbery.

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Ogorchukwu was a merchant, and he lived in San Severino Marche, in the same Italian region, with his wife and two children – an eight-year-old son and a ten-year-old daughter. as stated before”Watchman“There were protests by residents of Civitanova Marche on Saturday, some comparing the incident to the killing of George Floyd in May 2020 in United State.

– I want to look in the eye of this man and ask him why he killed my husband. There were so many people around him, why did no one help him? The wife of the deceased said – I want justice.

Italia. The Nigerian ambassador in Rome appeals to the Nigerian community

Nigeria’s ambassador to Rome, Mvawa Omini Appam, condemned the heinous murder, and expressed sympathy to the deceased’s wife and the rest of his family. In its announcement, the Nigerian embassy said it was working with the relevant Italian authorities to ensure justice and help the family of the deceased. The ambassador called on the people of the Nigerian community in Italy to “remain calm and refrain from taking matters into their own hands.”

The British newspaper notes, in turn, that the Marche region, where the murder took place in the street, has been ruled since 2020 by a party called the Italian Brothers, “the descendants of the neo-fascist Italian social movement (MSI)”. Early elections will be held in the country on September 25, with the aforementioned coalition having a chance to win power.

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