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Italia. Matteo Salvini was to travel to Moscow. The Russian Embassy helped buy tickets

Italia.  Matteo Salvini was to travel to Moscow.  The Russian Embassy helped buy tickets

Matteo Salvini, leader of the right-wing Northern League party, was due to visit Moscow at the end of May. According to the Russian embassy in Italy, the facility helped buy airline tickets to the Russian capital of Salvini and his entourage. The trip did not come due to criticism of the league leader from coalition partners and the government. He himself explains that his visit was aimed at bringing peace to Ukraine, and that he could not buy tickets himself “because he does not have rubles.”

At the end of May Matteo Salvinileader of the right-wing Northern League party and former Italian deputy prime minister, announced that he wants to travel to Moscow to discuss options for ending The war in Ukraine. “It is my duty to do everything and try to contribute to a just peace using the most powerful weapon: diplomacy,” he said. He also said he would be “happy if President Putin agreed to meet.” Pope Francis“. – I will do everything in my power to make it happen – he assured.

His travel plans caused consternation in the government coalition and, as revealed by the media, the astonishment of Prime Minister Mario Draghi. And the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Luigi Di Maio, did not hide his indignation, admitting that the government was not aware of such intentions. Under the influence of the wave of criticism, the politician resigned from the Moscow visit.

Matteo Salvini Alicia Perdomeneco/Shutterstock

Russian Embassy: Salvini helped us buy tickets

In connection with the controversy against this background, the embassy Russia In Italy, she said she helped the league leader and his comrades buy tickets for the flight scheduled for May 29.

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As the Russian mission explained, this assistance turned out to be necessary due to European Union sanctions, the suspension of communications between Rome and Moscow, and the difficulties in purchasing Aeroflot airline tickets from the region. European Union. The embassy bought tickets for a flight from Istanbul to Moscow. “The amount spent has been refunded,” she added in a press release after the flight was cancelled.

“We don’t see anything illegal in it,” the embassy added. Moreover, the memo revealed that “appropriate level” meetings were planned to be held in Moscow.

Salvini: The league paid for the tickets

The Italian news agency (ANSA) quoted Matteo Salvini as saying that tickets to Moscow were paid for with the money of his party – the Northern League. – I do not have rubles myself and cannot buy tickets in this currency – he added.

The politician reiterated that he “worked and worked for peace with his heads held high and at our expense – economically and politically.” Salvini has also announced that he is ready to sue people who make “odd hints”.

Main image source: Alicia Perdomeneco/Shutterstock

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