July 28, 2021

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Italy: Families who died in the coronavirus pandemic, Bergamo, demand 100 million euros

Italian newspapers reported on Friday that the class action had begun in Rome. Bergamo was the epicenter of the first wave of the epidemic in Italy. Several thousand people died in this part of the country.

The daily La Stampa cites families’ arguments that the injured have not been provided with proper treatment and care. The world of politics has to pay for it – and this is one of the opinions expressed by the relatives of the deceased.

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Families represented by five lawyers have filed a lawsuit against the Cabinet, the Ministry of Health and the regional (Lombardy) authorities, demanding compensation for the deaths of their relatives who lived mainly in nursing homes and died there more than a year ago.

“We are sure”

The lawsuit accused the authorities and all institutions of the “absolute lack of a plan to combat the epidemic”, which should be drawn up in line with a European Parliament decision in 2013 and recommendations of the World Health Organization and the European Center for Diseases. Prevention and control.

We expect answers from the judiciary that politicians have not given us before. Cassandra Lucati, who joined the class action, said we want to know why our loved ones died in a few days and if anything could be done to save them.

She added: “We are sure that, at least in the initial phase of the epidemic, doctors had to make decisions by thinking about saving the young and sacrificing the weakest of them. They were faced with the necessity of making such decisions.”

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She pointed out that “there is someone who tells us why all this happened.”

‘We feel abandoned’

Along with other members of the family committee, Locati accused the Lombardy authorities of “doing everything in their power to make the work of lawyers difficult”.

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– We feel abandoned. We know the road to justice is very long and strewn with obstacles, but we owe it to the loved ones we have lost, said a relative of someone who died more than a year ago at the start of the pandemic.

Lawyers representing the families handed over 2,000 zlotys to the court. Documentation pages.

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