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Italy. Great workers’ march against the neo-fascists. It started with strict restrictions on the spread of COVID-19

Italy.  Great workers' march against the neo-fascists.  It started with strict restrictions on the spread of COVID-19

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“I’m afraid that when they start mowing corn, there will be a lot of dead immigrants” Report from the border

In Italy, on October 15, the obligation to obtain health permits came into effect. The so-called Each person must have a green card, the document is issued on the basis of vaccination against the Corona virus, in case of recovery from the virus or negative The result COVID-19 testing.

Italy. Covid permits are now valid

The Mario Draghi government has decided that workers who will not receive a permit will be suspended from work loss duties a wage comment period. In addition, they face a fine of 1,500 euroIf they decide to work after all. These are the strictest regulations of this kind in Europe.

Effects are already visible the new Rights – 860,000 cards were issued on Friday, which is a record, the number of vaccinations has also increased. Currently, more than 80 percent are fully vaccinated. The country’s population, as stated in v Sunday Italian media, that number could reach 90 percent by Christmas.

This is how it is done in Italy. In December it may already be 90 percent. to feed

He pointed out that the implementation of the regulations approved a few weeks ago was without major problems Reuters. This does not mean that there were no protests – on Friday people gathered, among others, in Bologna and often in the port of Trieste.

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Italy, Trieste.  In protest of Europe's strictest antivirus regulations.Italy, Trieste. In protest of Europe’s strictest antivirus regulations. Duccio Pugliese / AP

Big protest in Rome. Trade unionists and workers outraged by neo-fascist manifestations

Last weekend, a more violent and dangerous demonstration took place. It was organized by far-right groups led by Forza Nova. They opposed vaccinations and the introduction of Covid permits. Not the first time, because the neo-fascists have been organizing protests (for example against masks) since the beginning of the epidemic, they want, as the portal pointed out, Politico, make political capital against the corona virus. Armed with sticks and metal bars, on 9 October protesters stormed and destroyed the Romanian headquarters of the CGIL trade union. 38 policemen were injured, 12 people were arrested, including the leaders of Forza Nova.

After this event, there were political calls in Italy for the government to disband the neo-fascist groups. A similar appeal was also made last Saturday, October 16, by union leaders. On that day, in Rome, tens of thousands of members of trade union organizations gathered to protest the actions of the far right. They marched under the slogan “Not for fascism and violence, but also for work, security and rights.”

A manifestation of solidarity / Image captionThere is an approval of a solidarity protest in front of CJEU. “We’re ready”

According to some organizers, the demonstration gathered between 50 and 60 thousand people. Some estimate the number of worshipers as high as 100,000. During their speeches, the unionists primarily referred to democracy and Italy’s past. Maurizio Landini, General Secretary of the CGIL Group, It even resembles the attacks of Benito Mussolini’s fascist party against trade unionists since 1921. He was quoted as saying: “A country that loses its memory cannot have a future.” Reuters.

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