October 23, 2021

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Italy.  He adopted a gay girl with Down syndrome

Italy. He adopted a gay girl with Down syndrome

Luca and Alba inspire a lot of people. The Instagram account managed by an Italian father has a following of 360,000. Persons. why? Mostly, it records ordinary moments – games with your daughter, drawing together, family meetings or an event that has been important to many children in recent times, not just in Italy – back to schooling!

However, the story of Luca and Alba is very unusual and touching. The future father first saw Alba when she was only 13 days old. Due to Down syndrome, she was ready for adoption, but by the time Luca arrived, 20 families had said “no” – no one wanted a child with special needs. However, Luca did not hesitate – he wanted to become a father and give Alba a happy childhood.

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Adoption of children by homosexuals in Italy had been burdened with social taboos for years and legally impossible until 2017. Then, after changes in the law, individual adoption was permitted. Also at that time, the portal was opened to unmarried gay people, but Luca, due to his sexual orientation, heard this firsthand: if he wanted to adopt, he had to decide to have a sick child. This did not stop him.