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Italy: The Fall of the Mario Draghi Government. Press Comments

Italy: The Fall of the Mario Draghi Government.  Press Comments

The Prime Minister will present Resignation for the second time. He did it for the first time a week ago when he withdrew support for the government Five star movement.

Prime Minister’s resignationwhich was rejected by President Sergio Mattarella, has been “frozen” until Parliament can verify the existence of The majority guarantees the work of the government.

Instead, there was an unprecedented stalemate in the Senate on Wednesday. Five star movementAnd a center-right party Forza Italia and La Liga They did not participate in the vote of confidence in the Council of Ministers. Voted but Record a low number of votes.

The fall of the governmentcreated to implement the national plan to recover from the epidemic, is practically doomed to failure – the Italian press confirms on Thursday.

In the most likely scenario my biker will come in the morning for Parliament Just to make it known I resign Then he goes to the chief and puts him in his hands. This is how the government crisis will officially begin.
La Repubblica has a headline Italy is a betrayal.

The upper house has fallen ‘Victim of populism’ – Refers to the Roman newspaper. He confirmed that Prime Minister Draghi asked for “proof of national unity” to continue his work, but the leaders of the three groups refused to give him confidence. As a result, he adds, a quick election is almost certain to be held. Daily reports October 2 is the likely date.

Corriere della Sera says the president is ready to call elections and does not intend to consult with a new government.

“Shame” – this wonderful headline appears in the daily newspaper “La Stampa”. As the commentary stated, “The parties are enjoying and the country is sinking.” Misaghiro, writing about the Draghi government “ending the track,” warns that the current crisis is putting the country’s stability at risk.

The right-wing opposition “La Verita” expressed relief, declaring: “Draghi is on fire. The elections are at last.”

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