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It’s getting serious. Lewandowski’s friend should go to prison. He has 10 days of Pique Nona for that

It's getting serious.  Lewandowski's friend should go to prison.  He has 10 days of Pique Nona for that

This situation continues Lucas Hernandez Since 2017, the footballer who was playing in Madrid at that time has been in an argument with girlfriend Amelia. The matter – apparently – spread to the bone, and the couple reconciled and were married in the same year. However, the court imposed fines on both of them – both had to work 30 hours in community service, and were also forbidden to approach each other for six months.

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However, they went on their honeymoon, and after their return they were arrested – Hernandez was arrested, and he was tried for violence against women. Amelia avoided the consequences (because she was not properly informed of the ban), but in the case of Hernandez, the prosecution demanded a six-month prison sentence for breaching the ban.

Lucas Hernandez may go to prison. He has 10 days to do this

Tuesday Defender Bayern He received a summons from a Spanish court stating that he would be sent to prison. And a criminal court in Madrid confirmed, Wednesday, in an official announcement: “He has been summoned personally to be able to voluntarily go to a correctional facility of his choice within ten days.”

On Wednesday, the court issued another announcement. stating that the player’s request to suspend the penalty has been denied, a French man He is expected to appear in court by October 19. Hernandez showed up a day ahead of schedule to hear the court’s decision. French that also has Spanish Citizenship, he must appear in a prison of his choice within 10 days to serve his sentence there. Of course, the player’s lawyers appealed.

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Lewandowski's gesture after leaving the pitch will be commented on again on a large scale in GermanyLewandowski’s gesture after leaving the pitch will be commented on again on a large scale in Germany

Since the French returned to games After injury, he regularly appeared in the team’s first line-up Juliana Nagelsmann. In total, in six matches, it amounted to 474 minutes.

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