October 23, 2021

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"It's kind of a mission."  The Medical University of Lublin is looking for healthy patients - Polish Radio Lublin

“It’s kind of a mission.” The Medical University of Lublin is looking for healthy patients – Polish Radio Lublin

Lublin Medical University is looking for people to simulate diseases. Recruitment is underway for the “Standard Patient” program.

Patient simulators provide students with an opportunity to improve communication, collect an interview, and make diagnoses – says the Assistant Implementation of the “Standard Patient” Program at the Medical University of Lublin, Alexandra Klimeck. – These patients can be used to practice physical examination skills: abdominal palpation, pulse check, chest auscultation. It is important to combine theoretical and practical elements. The rooms in the simulation center of the medical university are equipped in a very similar way to the spaces in which doctors, nurses or paramedics will work in the future. Thanks to Group Design and Actors, students have the opportunity to learn through experience. Emotional support to consolidate knowledge gives better results.

We have multi-million dollar high-end simulators, but no machine, even the most advanced, can ever replace human communication. Thanks to it, it is possible to form certain attitudes in students – the professor explains. Full Torres.

– Until now, before students were given the opportunity to contact simulated patients, they often met in the hospital. They were really struggling with people not always eager to contact a student who had no experience yet and might say something wrong. Thanks to the use of healthy people whose behavior can be modeled using prepared scenarios, students can safely make mistakes – Alexandra Klimeck explains.

– It’s some kind of mission. Everyone is different and students interact with different people. Despite the scenario, everyone is a little different right now. Students gain knowledge through this, says one simulated patient.

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The scenarios are very different. For example, a pediatric scenario that takes place in a hospital emergency department where the person plays the role of a concerned parent because the “real” patient is a plastic child. The task of the student is to provide all the information about the health of the child and to be “interested”. The purpose of these exercises is also to pay attention to whether the students are handling the child correctly – says Alexandra Klimek.

– Student contact with the simulated patient occurs in the first stage of education. Therefore, realism is very high for the student – the professor adds. Full Torres.

People over the age of 18 can apply to the Standard Patient Program. This can be done by submitting an application form. Details are available at Lublin Medical University website.

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