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Ivan Kamarenko praises his experiences in Vilnius! Lithuania did not want to let him go …

Ivan Kamarenko praises his experiences in Vilnius!  Lithuania did not want to let him go ...

Ivan Komarenko Ten years ago it gained immense popularity when With the band Ivan i Delfin, he recorded the most famous song of his career, “Her Black Eyes”. You might have the impression that this is the singer’s only song, but nothing could be further from the truth, after all, Evan is still wandering about fiercely …

In addition to the dinner, he was also very well known due to the epidemic. It turns out that he has become one of the most forensic skeptics in the country. Komarenko got so involved in it that he even recorded songs about it.

One of his songs even became an anti-vaccine anthem. s.The singer also attended anti-vaccine rallies and of course posted several surprising conspiracy theories on his social media.

Fans did not hide their surprise at Ivan’s fall underground when war broke out in Ukraine. The Polish-Russian singer has not spoken for a long time because – as he later revealed – he has relatives in both Russia and Ukraine.

He also put the tragic situation in the East together with a personal drama, the fact that no one cared about his song that he recorded a few years ago. s.He said that with his help he wanted to arouse the interest of the Poles in the conflict in the East. It was an “anti-war act for the reconciliation of the peoples of Ukraine and Russia”.

Later, he pleaded with the star not to add fuel to the fire. At that time, he posted wishes on Women’s Day and noted the situation in the East.

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A few days ago, Komarenko praised his fans with the good news. Guysdor announced that he was going to two concerts in Vilnius. Later, the singer boasted of photos from the concert, which was attended by the singer’s audience in droves.

It turned out that the residents of Vilnius liked Ivan’s performance so much that they did not want to let him out of Lithuania. Instead, he decided to perform on the next stage. Share “Drama” on Instagram.

Did you know he has a lot of fans? The recordings of the concerts are impressive!

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