September 22, 2021

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Jakub Błaszczykowski on his team performance for Brzęczek: "I played for merit"

Jakub Błaszczykowski on his team performance for Brzęczek: “I played for merit”

  • Former coach Jerzy Przyczyk was often criticized for appointing Jakub Pasachikowski to the squad.
  • Błaszczykowski said about the idea of ​​playing a farewell match for the national team
  • The footballer also revealed that Cesare Colesa called him for a job offer at the Polish Football Association
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Jacob Blaszczykowski He was a guest on the show after the touching match on the 6th Ekstraklasa Tour between Wisła and Legia Warsaw. “Biacha Guizda” won the match 1-0 after a goal by Felicio Brown Forbes. captain Wisla Krakow He was asked if he was considering playing a farewell match for the national team.

– I’m ambitious but I realize that there are many players who are better than me today. I don’t have a problem with that. I am a loyal supporter of the national team and will remain so until the end. This is my style. As far as I know, with the previous limiter, all my matches were goodbyes, because I got them for merit. I don’t know if it makes sense to play the seventh farewell match Wisła Kraków captain replied sarcastically.

Thus he alluded to the criticism that fell upon him when his uncle was the chosen one. During Jerzy Brzęczek’s tenure, Błaszczykowski was named to the team despite his average performance at Ekstraklasa. Some of the coach’s critics decided he was betting on an experienced winger not because of his athletic form but because of family ties.

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Błaszczykowski played for the national team for the last time in the Euro 2020 qualifiers in September 2019. The Poles drew 0-0 with the Austrians. Since Paulo Sousa became a coach, Jacob Błaszczykowski has not had a single appointment to the national team.

Cesare Colisa on Błaszczykowski: I’ll make a phone call and ask what he thinks of it

During the programme, Błaszczykowski confirmed rumors about talks with the new president of the Polish Football Association, Cezary Kulesza. It was about being the Vice President of Training. Kulesza previously admitted that he had several candidates for the role, including Łukasz Piszczek and Jakub Błaszczykowski, but in the end he chose Maciej Mateńko.

– I told the boss that I have a lot of work for today. I really am not complaining. I have a family, three kids also need my parents at home more. If possible, I will support the relationship as much as I can. (…) It’s hard for me to say what will happen in a few years, but I will definitely be able to find myself in it – The midfielder admitted to Wisla Krakow.

Later on the program, Cesare Colisa was the guest. The president of the Polish Football Association has not ruled out an official farewell to Błaszczykowski with the national team.. Cuba is still a player in Wissoa. I’ll call him and ask him what he thinks of it Kulesza said.