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Jakub Rzeźniczak points to accusations of treason and engages in a discussion with netizens: “Where were you when I was on the verge of depression?!”

Jakub Rzeźniczak points to accusations of treason and engages in a discussion with netizens: "Where were you when I was on the verge of depression?!"

Jakob Rzynicak has been in a relationship with Polina Novica for some time, who is already his fiancée. The footballer has a rather rich union history, and the media is keen to watch it. The man was related, among others, to Edita Zajek, had a daughter from the lawyer Elena, and for some time was his partner Magdalena Stubich, with whom he had a son, Oliwer. Unfortunately, the boy lost his battle against cancer, and Rzenichak and Stobio had to face a great tragedy in life.

At this difficult time, Cuba can count on the support of his beloved – Polina. Recently the couple decided to solidify their relationship further and chose the same tattoo. They reported the trip to the tattoo studio on social media, and bragged about the chosen theme. A flower appeared on their hands, the stem of which turned into the inscription “Always”.

However, the tattoo did not appeal to all netizens who began to expect that the spouses would part, because – as we know – this could have been heard several times. butcher Finds it hard to stay loyal…

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Nowicka was the first to respond to the wave of hate, admitting in an Instagram report that no one really knows what symbolism the tattoo carries and asking everyone to “give it up”.

Rzenicak also got into a discussion with netizens, who decided to respond to one of the comments in which he accused He shouldn’t be proud of his happiness in public, given the state of his ex-partner. The netizen pointed out the need to keep this joy to themselves.

I understand everything, but knowing what the status of Oliver’s mother is, it is simply not appropriate to dazzle too much … The simplest advice and the best recipe – do not do what you do not like to the other. Mrs. Polina is wonderful because she is happy, but I do not think that she would like to be in the place of Mr. Cuba’s ex-partner, she does not like and does not desire, but often fate is harmful … You can keep your happiness to yourself and you don’t need to brag about it Internet user books.

It was then that the player admitted in response that he was on the verge of depression, and Paulina had to deal with many insults.

And where were all of you, when we were destroyed last year, we received hundreds of letters and threats? When the facts have been misrepresented, when people are talking, knowing nothing of the situation? Where were you about to get depressed? When Paulina received the worst insults, when she was not guilty of anything? Where are all the righteous? Jacob asked.

I didn’t get rid of Magda for another woman. More lies repeated – wrote on Instagram.

Let’s add that both the comment and player responses have already disappeared from Paulina and Kuba’s recording.

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Was he depressed??? Boy, your child was dying, and you filed for marriage in Manhattan. People with depression can’t leave the house, let alone enjoy life as you did at the time.

Oh no, she’s starting over… Magda will answer in a moment and she’ll be gone… Oh my God

And immediately removes and blocks comments that he is not in contact with the first child.

You should take an example from a bunny keel and hide under a broom instead of eight barking at the camera. lower

It’s hopeless… his great love lasts for two years max. Same style with every one… Big High, bragging on Instagram, big affirmations and a new ‘victim’. This Pauline doesn’t know whether to sympathize or laugh. Another thinks she’s the only one and in a year there will be crying and new love 😂😂. This kind is worth nothing

Recent Comments (54)

I hope this depression never leaves you for the way you treated your child and his mother.

Hold on to the man. Don’t let the haters destroy you.

Yhym. He must have a magical trunk that women don’t think either, but make them fifth with the baby.

Someone wrote in the comments Paulinka wrote three months ago. She was accepted to the department in Warsaw. This may be true due to suspicion of pregnancy among Internet users. Pollenka wanted to secure herself through alimony, because the cash register must agree

Come now. everybody.

I watch them.. I look forward to the tragedy that happened to him and Magda could have taken a look at least for a while.

The two may go to the same doctor for a Botox treatment. Appointment in the aesthetic medicine office


10 minutes. Ago

Leave them all alone

Leave this man alone. Magda too. Let them arrange their lives away from each other. Calm down on that coffin.

Leave them alone ☆

Did he abandon the pregnant woman? Damn how does he pretend he lied to reality, and why would he explain that if he’s so innocent? How does he call what he did? He was accompanied by the girl, they wanted a child together, they lived together, and when Magda was pregnant, he went away. How do we call it? Magda wanted you to come back, to start a family, she also wanted in the tragic time of your transformation, not depression, it was possible to solve it differently, from the beginning, not to create a false world

Love puzzle…

11 minutes ago


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