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Jan Beczyk is dead. Media revealed the causes of the death of a well-known actor from “Colors of Happiness” :: Magazyn :: RMF FM

Jan Beczyk is dead.  Media revealed the causes of the death of a well-known actor from “Colors of Happiness” :: Magazyn :: RMF FM

Jan Beczyk is dead. The well-known actor, among other things from the role of Zinke in the series: “Barui Shechia”, died at the age of 71. Information about the cause of his death appears in the media.

A few days ago, it was sad to know the world of the series; At the age of 71, Jan Pechik died – theater, cinema and serial actor, Who steals the hearts of the public including. The role of Zinc Gerzelak in “Colors of Happiness”. The Współczesny Theater was the first to report his death, posting a farewell word on social media.

The representative of “Colors of Happiness” died. Jan Pczek passed away after a long illness

Jan Peczyk, a well-known actor of the series “Barwy szczcia” and contemporary theater boards, died in Warsaw. As reported, the actor in the last months of his life suffered from an incurable disease. Lately, she’s also had to face…

Jan Pczek died after a long illness. For nearly forty years, he has been a faithful staple of the Współczesny Theater and an important figure in our team (…). As in recent months, he was struggling with what turned out to be a terminal illness, then with the unexpected death of his wife, his strength aroused the greatest admiration and respect. It is difficult to accept the death of a friend, even if it was expected and was salvation, and Jesik had no enemies (…) The theater director mentions: Maciej Englert.

What is the cause of Jan Bczek’s death? According to information obtained by Super Express, The actor suffers from bone marrow cancer.

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Goodbye Yan Pechik

The death of Jan Biczek was a huge blow to both fans of “Colors …” and people who knew the actor from other productions. Under the diary, there were several statements from sad viewers who still could not cope with such a sudden departure:

One of my favorite characters on the show. Always Quiet, Author … Mr. John will be absent in “Colors…”,

It is very sad – I express my sympathy to the family,

big loss.

Jan Pczek was an actor who appeared in many theaters: Among others the theater of the Pomeranian region in Grudzidz, the theater of Stefan Jaracz in Olsztyn, Teatr lski im. Stanisaw Wyspiaski in Katowice and Folk Theater in Warsaw. From 1982 he was associated with the Współczesny . Theatre. Also appears in TV productions – He will play, among others, in: “Conversational Conversations”, “Samym Życie”, “Oficerze”, “Na Wsplnej” or “Powidokach”.

We express our condolences to the family of Jan Pechik.

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