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Jan Garin warns of Russian disinformation in Poland. The Kremlin wants to separate Warsaw from Ukraine

Rosyjski dyktator Władimir Putin (fot. Contributor/Getty Images)

Russian propaganda is trying to exploit the situation in Przewodowo to stir up antipathy among Poles towards Ukrainians. The State Commissioner for the Security of the Information Space of the Republic of Poland, Stanislav Sarin, added that it has also been noted the recent intensification of activities aimed at raising fear of crisis, bankruptcy and high inflation.

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Żaryn asserted that the information space in the Republic of Poland determines which activities are considered an element Information war against Poland.

As he noted, Russian psychological and informational activities aimed at our country, carried out in the context of aggression against Ukraine, are still focused on two goals:

1) Differences between Poland and Ukraine And both nations

2) Underestimating the credibility and seriousness of the Republic of Polandto lead to its isolation in the West.

Recently, Russian propaganda has taken advantage of the current situation after the events of Przyodowo, To arouse distrust and hatred towards Ukrainians in the Poles, It also promoted the campaign based on the lie that Poland was sending soldiers from the Polish Armed Forces to Ukraine.

He added that there had been an increase in targeted outreach activities Post all of these topics in the international information space.

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“The goal of Belarusian propaganda remains the same – to continue (in various directions) Image of the Republic of Poland as an aggressive state violating human rights. A film made to celebrate the anniversary of the attack by migrants at the crossing in Brozje has been used in propaganda activities, writes the State Commissar for Security of the Information Space of the Republic of Poland.

The information provided by him shows that recently there has been a decrease in penetration into the information space of the Republic of Poland of materials published by UNC1151 – an actor associated with the services of the Russian Federation. But discount again The activities fit into the context of “hot” topics in the Republic of Poland, Hence the content of the modernization of the army.

“There has been an intensification of activities commensurate with the activity of the political dispute, which aims Provoking fear of crisis, bankruptcy and high inflation. The psychological effects of these activities may support information discounting goals,” Harin concludes.

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